June 30th, 2003

mucha mosaic

Observations on Pride 2003.

1: I am not turning into a rice queen. The boys who were actually goodlooking there were, in vast majority, asian. I'm not just making this one up, I had an essentially-hetero man confirm this for me (and my thanks to you, who shall go unnamed here).
2: Armistead Maupin looked like he was having an absolute ball.
3: The best call/response I heard from a float: 'How many of you are here today because today, you're gay?' (mild cheering) 'and how many of you are gay EVERY FUCKING DAY OF THE YEAR????' (wild cheering)
4: I was hit on four times on my way home: once by a 63-year-old german fellow who was a very charming conversationalist and though he did nothing for me sexually he was truly interesting to talk to; once by a middleaged leather bear who seemed to think that my comment 'I don't bottom' didn't have any relationship to whether or not I was going to follow him back to his basement; once by a stupid glamboy twink who seemed to think I was going to follow him home for the chance to worship his Utterly Perfect Body; and once by a very charming young fellow who was apparently fresh out of the closet.
5: none of these passes were from anyone I wanted to fuck; however, the ego boosts were much appreciated: shit, 4 passes is better than I do in the average MONTH, and this was in one hour. Gaining weight is, apparently, not at all deleterious to my attractiveness. Thanks to Pieter, Rob, Mike and David.
6: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence made a large head of one of their Order (literally 10' high if an inch), and drove it through the parade on a truck. I still cannot decide if this terrified or pleased me.
7: Utilikilts as the only item of clothing on a couple of guys making out are a lot less troubling to me than Black Watch kilts were 7 years ago. Utilikilts apparently also sold like hotcakes: should've gotten myself one while I was wandering off from the parade to have a slash. Ah well; mailorder it is.
And a belated addition
8: On the way home, I was driven by the nice cabby past THE CARTHEDRAL. Not eight blocks from my home.

God I love this city.
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mucha mosaic

Plus and minus.

Plus: the new Queens of the Stone Age album, titled 'Songs For The Deaf', is an interesting album. I really like it.
Minus: the stupid fucking label copyprotected it so completely that I can't play it on a computer- and therefore can't play it at work.

Review: bootleg it. DO NOT pay for it.