April 25th, 2003

mucha mosaic


Today's Amazon folly:
You Know You Want It
Satan Burger beckons from your Wish List.
Of all the stuff I want beckoning to me in my life...
'come to meeee....cooome... to meeeeeeee'

...though the cute intern is back. I shall contemplate inappropriate things to do to him now.
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    'The Ninth Wave', Kate Bush
mucha mosaic

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More weird dream fragment:

Dreamed that I was driving the copper Honda CiviC that my family had when I was like 12, and had driven it to a high school. Not any high school in the district that I went to school in, mind you. Some, er, different high school.
And I parked it somewhere that it got towed.

And the alarm went off and I woke up going 'fuck, what am I gonna tell Mom and Dad, the car got towed, and...'

Took me a full minute to remember that I no longer live in their house, I couldn't have driven that car to whatever school because they haven't owned it in nearly 2 decades, And of course I wouldn't have been driving to a high school...

Weird dreams.