April 24th, 2003


Weird brain

So I had another strange dream last night.

It was in the backyard of my parents' house, but it wasn't QUITE their backyard. Much bigger in scale. It was also, in the dream, my aunt and uncle's backyard rather than my parents'.
It must have been the fourth of july, because as a special treat after a lot of weirdness I don't remember now, they broke out fireworks.
Which included a fountainlike cone which shot off a long even stream of sparks while singing lounge music.
Really gruesome lounge music.

And then I was awake.
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mucha mosaic

RFC 66606: TCP/IP via friendships, & hardware failsafing

Presented here: one geek-heavy metaphor for failure at interpersonal relations. Coined during conversation with a friend about someone else's fucking up in said arena.

This isn't addressed to anyone specific in my friendslist, though enough of you lot are big ol' geeks that it's likely to be handy in talking to someone else about issues in how he relates to others.

So let's say you got a fuckton of hardware off a friend, who was cleaning out the hardware closet. 'Here', he says to you, 'take these five hundred motherboards and five thousand CPUs'.
So you spot a bleeding-edge CPU in this mess, and you try attaching it to a motherboard but it doesn't work. So you might try another motherboard. And then another motherboard. And then another. The important part here is that eventually, you have to stop blaming the motherboards for the chip not working, and say 'hrmn. What if I use a different chip?'
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mucha mosaic


Anyone happen to have my lasagne recipe?

update: or a good one of your own?

And because the stupid quiz looked stupid and amusing:
Your strongest virtue is your Compassion,
visualized here by the tarot card 'The Lovers'.
Your actions are guided by your devotion to
love. Truth and courage may be important as
well, but above all it is compassion that is
paramount to you.

What's Your Strongest Virtue?
brought to you by Quizilla

--Irony, huh.
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