March 12th, 2003

mucha mosaic

Pathetic is...

Order date February 06, 2003
Order #: [deleted]
Shipping to: [deleted]
Items Shipped on March 3, 2003:
Delivery estimate: February 21-February 27
1 package via USPS.
1 of: Nocturama (Limited Edition) (+ Bonus Dvd [IMPORT])

BTW, the album released on FEBRUARY 13th for FUCK'S SAKE, Amazon. And arrived in my hands TODAY. 27 days later. Jesus fucking christ: the warehouse it came from is close enough to where I'm sitting I could have probably WALKED IT FROM HERE TO THERE TWICE IN THE AMOUNT OF TIME INVOLVED. WHAT IS THE DAMAGE???

But the new Nick Cave COMPLETELY KICKS ASS. And it is probably my favorite Nick Cave album since Let Love In.
mucha mosaic


Samuel R. Delany, Reading at Booksmith on Haight in May.

Here I'd figured that he'd pass away before I got the chance to meet him. Yay!