March 11th, 2003

mucha mosaic


You know how they'll leave you these salmon-colored slips that say 'we tried to deliver a package, it's at the post office'? Slips with a slot for the addressee, the address it was going to, and the sender?
To gauge from what's written here, I apparently have a package waiting for me that was sent by Japan.

I imagine it's probably this (which was purchased from, wildpaletz):

But the nation of JAPAN sent it to me!

It is to giggle.

UPDATE: I showed the picture to five friends, one of whom is not an anime fan.
Non-anime fan asked: 'Uh... why is that girl talking to a giant telephone receiver in a nun's habit?'

And sometimes he wonders why I enjoy his conversation. Sheesh. *howling laughter*
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