March 4th, 2003

mucha mosaic


So I decided I'd practice what I preached. If I'm going to whine at people about how they really ought to stop screaming about the same shit over and over, and should use their livejournal as a means of self-reflection, then I ought to give the same thing a shot.

On the plus side, I don't really find myself bitching about anything that I see as still on the table, but you know, my outlook on the world has changed drastically. Also on the plus side, that: it's changed for the better, no question. 5-6 months ago I was ridiculously depressed. I can see that, now.
And now I sit here, moodily introspective (no, introspective about mood), and feel thoughtful and curious.

So... done with that stage of my life.

I can't get why I love this album so damn much. The lyrics are strange, the arrangements are spare and somewhat ordinary... and yet somehow it's just this beautiful gorgeous thing.
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    'The Ultimate Seaside Companion', Chris Connelly