February 21st, 2003


And Jingo was his name-o.

Jingoistic language in news coverage is becoming a horrifyingly apparent trend. Today's example comes from this newstory on CNN.com:
NASA chief rallies his troops in field

What the HELL? I was unaware that NASA's troops were in the field. Oh, do you mean NASA's employees out in the field looking for bits of shuttle? Yes, you do.
Why does 'rallies his troops in field' make sense here, in reference to a specifically peaceful-purpose government agency? Look out, Saddam, you're in the targets so hard people don't even stop to think about why they're using military vocabulary in utterly inappropriate venues.
Then again, this is CNN. They don't do a particuarly good job of using the language they're born to anyways. Though I seem to recall hearing other similar slip-slide of meaning in other news stories, over the last couple of weeks.

In vaguely related news yesterday, I finally actually shed a tear or two for the Columbia astronauts. Collapse )
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