January 12th, 2003

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Sleep update.

Every year on 1/1/XX, I oversleep. Way late.
Anyone else ever notice that as you get older it becomes harder to straighten out your sleep schedule?
Okay, done bitching. Hi, folks!
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mucha mosaic

Surreal Japanese Headline of the day-- and tangential thoughts it inspired

Well okay it's from the recent past. But it's still a surreal headline. Read the synopsis before clicking the link:
There are two sides to every sex slave story.
The article is related to a huge sex scandal case going on in Japan right now. A woman claims she was abducted and kept prisoner by a truck driver for (months? Years? I don't remember precisely.) This story is not hers: this is the story of the accused's parents giving their perspective on the accusation (they think it's bogus). It may bug you a bit- also, it's just not as attention-grabbing as the headline. I mostly link the article because the headline first made me snicker, wondering what the hell they were talking about-- then made me tilt my head and wonder to myself 'okay; what WOULD the other side of The Story of O, or Justine, look like?'

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Just happened across this image at random-- after WISHING someone would put it up somewhere I could find it for about oh A YEAR AND A QUARTER OR SO.

Lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building Observation deck, ca. 2002.

This picture says a lot more to me than any of the histrionics that have attended upon the events of the eleventh of September, 2001: this puts the image into scale with the rest of the world for me. This gives me more of a solid frame for the negative space that lacks a pair of tall buildings.

my thanks to http://www.payphone-project.com (this is the view you get from one of the payphones on the observation deck, which is why the guy took the photo).