January 9th, 2003

mucha mosaic

Oh. My. God.

So I went and read a bit of documentary evidence about Harvard having basically driven students to suicide by threatening to out them to their families in the 20's.

You should read this too. You should make your friends read this. You should keep this story close at hand.

Because that way, you will always have a good answer to 'why do those queers need a parade?' ready at hand. Without society containing queer members openly- not necessarily happily, but at least knowing they're there and giving them space to be there- we'd have a fuckton more corpses than the one suicide mentioned in this story.

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mucha mosaic


God knows what crack Camper Van Beethoven was smoking when they decided it made sense to cover the Fleetwood Mac album 'Tusk', but that crack was indeed smoked. And it is a confusing cover. Bewilderingly odd.
This is not a cover of the song 'Tusk'. This is a cover of the ALBUM. A 20-some song double album, from back in the day where you weren't /nobody/ if you hadn't done an overly-pretentious self-worshipping doublealbum (ask Led Zeppelin about this one).
Listening to the Camper Van cover, I now wrestle the urge to pick up a copy of the original, for comparison's sake.