January 1st, 2003

mucha mosaic

Oh ow. Oh god ow. Ow. Oh ow ooogh ow. Ow.

I do not use the skull because of anger or growliness. I use the skull because I feel like there are wavy lines of blackness radiating outwards from my own hungover cranium, and because I also feel it might be fitting to bury me, as it would be for the floating glow skull.
More water.
Oh my god water.

Glad everybody had a good time last night- thank you for making acquiring a dreadful hangover much more fun!
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mucha mosaic

How does it get better...

...My mom's father was, in life, the warden of the Harrisburg PA state penitentiary. It was a rather old facility (1860's, I think?), so there were a lot of things done with it that aren't done now. The warden and his family, noteably, were housed inside the jail. This jail is not there anymore- they tore it down not too long after he passed away, when my mom and aunts and grandmom moved to the midwest.
But I found a panorama photo of Harrisburg in 1909 on ebay, and showed her a couple of shots out of it asking if the jail was visible. Why yes! Yes it was! Where'd you find that image?
Heh heh heh.
Heeeeeere mothersdaymothersdaymothersday.