December 16th, 2002

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So I went and browsed for similar users on the interests page, which I can do now that I'm a paying user.
Is it sort of depressing that everyone I supposedly have loads in common with strikes me as intensely stupid and shallow?
Yeah, it is.
mucha mosaic

Medical follies

So. About a week ago, I ran out of the niacin dose I'm supposed to take and have been getting by on half that (I had about half a bottle of the 500mg tablets).
Within that week, there have been a few changes.

A: none of what is quaintly termed 'flushing' -- which is a polite euphemism for itching that is so torturous and so painful that you wind up tearing your own goddamned skin open and crying from how GODDAMNED HORRIBLE it is.
B: Dreams 3 nights out of 5: Dreams I was able to remember without effort.
C: A complete cessation of the feeling of lowgrade stress and crankiness that has plagued me for a goodly while (probably the last year): I suspect that this is a result of B (have I perhaps been simply /without/ REM state sleep?).
D: A lot less headacheyness.
E: no recurring indigestion/nausea.

Anyone here ever dealt with taking Niacin regularly in huge horse-pill doses? If so, were any of these side effects that you experienced? Did they go away ever? Did you take something with your niacin to get rid of them?
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