August 4th, 2002

mucha mosaic


Interesting feeling, looking at my friends list and watching people I know go through and pick out songs for the quiz I cribbed off cadhla (see prior entry). A few thoughts about what it says about music:

1: Music only sometimes triggers an emotional response itself.
Often, the situation in which the song's first encountered (or first 'listened to') is what you build a memory out of which that song can trigger. Example: lilmissnever has a very idiomatic set of responses to some songs, and they are not songs I'd've thought of myself, for the same answers (and indeed, even knowing at least some of who they're 'about') -- and I've learned a bit about her, as well as gaining a new perspective on those folks, from reading her answers.

2: Solsbury Hill is apparently a rather impressive tune.
That's the only one that I can look at and sort of think it's speaking to the emotions, rather than acting as soundtrack to the situation.

3: Sometimes, the influence you've had on people's musical taste is more than you thought it was.
mucha mosaic

Guess what I bought.

'I bought someone saying the word 'baby' over five hundred times, with other stuff scattered in between', I said to the housemate as I came home from the record store.
Housemate knew what it was. do you?