July 31st, 2002

mucha mosaic

A quiz after my own heart.

Favorite authors: Gene Wolfe, Jonathan Carroll, John Crowley, Neal Stephenson, Vladimir Nabokov, P. K. Dick, Michael Moorcock, Neil Bartlett, Samuel Delany
Favorite books: the 'Book of the Long Sun' quartet (Wolfe); Bones of the Moon & Land of Laughs (J. Carroll); Little, Big (Crowley); Pale Fire (Nabokov); City In the Autumn Stars (Moorcock)
Favorite classic book: The Scarlet Letter, Summa Theologica
Favorite children's book: Weetzie Bat
Favorite short story: The Marvellous Ice Cream Suit (Bradbury)
Favorite Poet: Yeats
Favorite Poem: Leda & the Swan
Favorite book genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literature
Least favorite book genre: Romance
Most expensive book owned: Depending on retailer this is either the 1st edition of Land of Laughs, or first trade edition of They Fly At Ciron
Most recent book bought: The Scar, China Mieville
Most recent book read: The Scar, China Mieville
Current reading: Return To The Whorl, Gene Wolfe
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    Detestimony III, Chris Connelly
mucha mosaic

Another STUPID poll.

This, I am sure, surprises nobody who has played Changeling with me.

What kith are you? Find out here.

Once upon a time, these dark fae were charged with frightening children into being good. They delight in the funerary and run-down, ancient things, but most of all, they love secrets. They have very keen senses, and are quite skilled at putting what they know to good use. If you can pay the price, there's very little a well-placed sluagh doesn't know. Several members of this kith number among the world's best spies and burglars. While not all of them are even interested in these paths, other changelings tend to distrust and dislike them. For solace, many turn to the Restless Dead, finding more comfort and sympathy from them than from the living.
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    'The Early Nighters', Chris Connelly