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Two great tastes that go like FUCKING SHIT together.

Beat at Cinecitta is an anthology of music from Italian softcore porn films (and just general Italian cinema). The liner notes suggest that while listening to this you will feel as if you're in a James Bond movie, you will feel as if you're riding a Vespa across the mountains, you will... well, you'll be in a Fellini film, basically. This is true: they set a mood with a positively assaultive tone.
There are some things which emphatically do not need this mood.

Mental whiplash on the freeway at 70mph. Ow.

EDIT: I'd written 'in a Neorealist film' rather than 'in a Fellini film' above, but ahkond pointed out what a dreadful error THAT was. Though now I'm imagining a bleak stark Neorealist version of The Three Musketeers. The Yellow Horse Thief, perhaps.

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