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It gets more pathetically amusing

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

It gets more pathetically amusing

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mucha mosaic
Some people were hugely cheesed that I wrote a long post about my holidays having sucked ass. Apparently, because I had drama with my relatives I should shut the fuck up and be thankful I was at least able to have drama with my relatives.
This seems, to me, like a misuse of logic in the service of simple self-aggrandizement. It seems to boil down to the following:
'You think YOUR Christmas sucked? MY christmas has been EVEN WORSE BEFORE so SHUT UP because MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT.'

And more amusingly, these people went off at great length about how terrible it was that I was going on about how terrible it was. Maybe I'm just a bitter evil vindictive creature, but it's funny to me to hear people saying something like 'God I HATE how people get up in front of other people and bitch about people, I hate that, it's terrible, how can these fuckers be so inconsiderate?!?'
--while up in front of, uhm, a group of other people.

For those who had good holidays- I'm very happy to know that. Everyone SHOULD have a pleasant holiday. Mine sucked. Fucking hugely.
I'm sorry if my holidays sucking ass somehow violates your sense of balance in the universe or something, but that's not going to change the fact that mine did indeed felch the donkey.
This whole little series of melodramas suggests to me that I should, instead, just talk to people who are friends about what's bugging me, instead of offering to acquiantances a chance to read a stranger going 'it sucked' and feeling a bit less alone in that.
  • Whyever would you want to change anything? If you managed to get some amusement out of them being morons then your travail with your relatives ended up having at least one thing redeeming about it.
  • For what it's worth, I did have a decent holiday.

    Mind you, my parents are ultra-conservatives, and my father is so damned emotional -- he is absolutely enraged that I'm a liberal, and you'd think I was doing it just to piss him off. So I said so. When he ranted to my brother about how I had 'gone liberal' (never mind that I've been openly voting liberal on most things since I was eighteen) I piped in, "I did it just to piss him off!"

    Dad grumbled, "Well, it worked."

    I said, "Ah, excellent."

    And that was pretty much it. Except that when my sister in law said there were a lot of reasons she didn't support Dean, I said, "I bet you dimes to dollars those are the same reasons I do."

    She just grinned and said, "Yeah, probably." Ah, politics. For the family with nothing else to fight about.

    So I can't really complain. I can't imagine my mom bursting into tears over anything short of someone actually dying, and only then if no one else was around to watch her break down. My dad rants and rails, but it's all pretty much so much sound and fury. If it makes him feel better, then I say let him shake his fist and gnash his teeth to his heart's content.

    I am sorry your holiday didn't go very smoothly, but I am glad that mine went as well as it did. While I wish everyone had had a good holiday, stories like yours do serve to remind me that I do have it pretty good in terms of those I was destined to be related to. I made out pretty well.

    But dude, and least YOU didn't get this gangly grey kitten. What did I do to deserve THAT?
    • apparently the extant duo needed a chewtoy? :)

      I'm glad you had a good time- you normally get the political bullshit, while I get the emotional manipulation. I can't decide if I'm luckier or not.
  • People are people. You can't stop people being wankers, and an awful lot of them seem to think that it's the rest of the world who're the wankers, not their own perfect selves. A happy Christmas is a wonderful thing, but an angry Christmas with *anyone* sucks. I'm sorry you had to deal with what you had to deal with - and personally, I'd be inclined to tell your relatives to bugger off next year and just do what the hell *you* want.

    And as for idiots being upset that you'd want to comment in your own LiveJournal about how sucky the day was? Ignore 'em. It's not like half the people who celebrate it don't have sucky Christmasses. Hell, my ex-fiance's family used to start the family feud in September or October so they'd have some chain of petty deeds a few months in the making to argue about come Christmastime. Or that's how it seemed to me. The timing of such a seemingly-random event was always uncanny.
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    • Thanks for the insights

      Reading your comments re: the male friend who ranted in his LJ about a friend going on about men--
      Did that alter your perceptions of what to write in your journal- or how to phrase it? changing just one word can, for instance, turn 'all men are pigs' into 'some men are pigs'. I try to leave my thoughts on the matter in my own journal as much as possible, to be sure- I was just stunned to basically have got home last night, practically crying from how upset I was- express something in my journal about it- and find myself, the next day, reading comments that seemed to basically sum up as 'I don't want to read your journal'.
      I didn't outright say it, but I felt like saying 'hey yo dipshit: if you don't wanna read my journal, stop flipping reading it'. The earlier entry I felt was being responded to (which is friendslocked, so you can't see it) was me going "OH MY GOD I JUST GOT A KNIFESLASH WITH SALT POURED INTO IT". I overreacted some, I agree- but I don't think I was in a state to read 'shut the fuck up about Christmas sucking', either. I didn't care for the authoritarian tone of the post I responded to- and I didn't care for the simply denying tone. It wasn't saying 'hey, it's not so bad little buckaroo, think about X and Y and Z. See? it could get worse...' it was 'shut up, you have no right to your feelings'. Which really offended me.
  • Hello

    I don't know you, but I'll have you know that I added you to my friendslist as a result of your comment in that journal. I'm glad you said all that stuff so that I didn't have to. :)

    (I was very close to going on a political rant about retail and the war, and I believe the fact that I refrained should shave at least a couple millennia off my time in purgatory.)
    • Re: Hello

      Hi there, and welcome to the colubra show. :) I had an abyssmal christmas this year- and this doesn't mean I want everyone's to have sucked, it just means that if I'm gonna post that my christmas sucked, I don't care to have somebody going "RAWR YOU CANNOT POST THAT YOUR CHRISTMAS WAS TEH SUXOR" all over my shit. Just bent me a bit outta shape.
      I hope you had a good Christmas! My whiny ranting entry immediately precedes the one you commented on, and is friendslocked (you should be able to see it in about 15 - 30 seconds), in case you're wondering what I said that I figured was being targeted there. ;)
  • I don't think

    That one person alone should take all the burden of having holidays suck. I had the sucky X-mas Eve, and you had the sucky X-mas day.

    Personally, I felt fine that you bitched about having a sucky holiday. But of course, misery does love having company to sidle up to.

    Seriously, suckage on the holiday, and ignore those who would complain about the contents of *your* journal. After all, it is your journal to rant in, and up to us to read or not.

    Usuing thier logic, I have a number of journals to post in, with the effect of "How DARE you post that you had a good holiday after what happened to me. Your abject lack of sensitivity to my little world astonishs me. In the future, please consider everything thats going on in my life before commenting about your own."
  • Sorry you had a bad holiday. Parents are hard, it can't be denied.
    • eeh- it happens. Honestly, I'm mostly over it. I was expecting it, frankly, to be even worse.

      Golly, I'm just a fount of optimism, ain't I. ;)
  • Said stupid rant got said person removed from my list. It's not even worthy of a comment, as far as I'm concerned. Well, maybe a word, but the one I have in mind isn't a polite one.

    Keep writing about your dramas. It makes me feel less alone in mine. :)
  • The fact that you are so caught up in your own drama that you took a post which was aimed at the generic stupidness, rather than, as specificly stated, not any one person, and made a post in which you continued the drama, and wrote about the irony of my own post shows...well...irony in and of itself.

    I saw a big cross tonight, sitting in front of a rectory, and thought of you.
    • Er, I'll quote you to yourself here, because it fits.

      You wrote in your journal:
      Read the first paragraph. It's not directed at any one person.

      I think it's interesting how you (and others) seem to have assumed that you are the only person I am talking about.
      I am not.
      This is why I used the words 'some people', not 'a person'. Other people have been stomping their feet around about how DARE one not portray their christmas as a season of light and perfection. While you are part of the set being addressed, certainly, you're not the only one.

      Now, I'm going to talk about you.

      You really need to start examining your feelings of self-worth. From what I see, you've been lashing out at everyone around you since leaving the Marines. To me, this reads as a signal that you are at a very low ebb, emotionally- as this has been your habit for at least five years whenever you are at a low ebb emotionally.
      I'm sorry that emotionally you're in the shitter. I can certainly understand why you would be. I can certainly sympathize with you on this, and I do feel sorry for you about it.
      This does not constitute an emergency on my part, however.

      You should re-read the bio on this lj; you don't get to come over here and grandstand, either.
      Got that?
      MY bullypulpit.
      If you cannot accept that, please feel free to stop reading it. Please feel free to stop reading if you don't want to read the sorts of things I'm saying. This is your right, by all means, and I won't be offended by it.
      This journal, however, is for me.

      You're welcome to read it- but you are under no obligation to do so, nor should you have any expectation that I am going to give a shit that you are reading it.
  • "You don't hurt as much as I do." "You can't be upset because your life does not suck as bad as mine does." I hate that shit. Half the point of lj is to be able to rant about your life. Not to have people copare is whoes Christmas sucked more.
    • A person I know who's gotten fucked over by the world to an extent that makes my head hurt just thinking about it was telling me about how this horrorstory of his childhood started... and I commented that I sometimes felt, in comparison to him, that I had no right to feel like my life sucked.
      He made a comment in response which has stuck with me:
      'the worst thing that's ever happened to someone, no matter how extreme or how minor-seeming on an objective scale, is still the worst thing that's ever happened to them. The pain occupies just as big a place in that person's life. You have to at least give it respect for that- and give that person your empathy.'
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  • wowsers. this is what I get for reading backwards over the last few days. I am sorry you had to work today, and that your Christmas was teh suxor, and I hope that all of the above meant you at least got to pass on teh suxor to somebody else with the finely crafted bitchslaps you do so well.

    New Year's will be better.
  • Honestly, I think everyone who had a bad time has a right to talk about it in their own journals, etc. What I get tired of hearing about is people who bemoan that Chrismtas is so commercial and it's not about the spirit and it's awful that people don't care about each other except for on one day and blah blah blah. That kind of thing is what kind of bugs me. Not everyone celebrates holidays for the same reason. For some it's not a religious holiday. For some it's just about taking some time out and pausing to think about others. Etc.

    People crabbing about how others choose to spend their holidays or for what reason is what gets to me. People complaining about shopping malls and things when they could find some other alternative if they really wanted to kind of annoy me too. Nobody's holding a gun to anyone's head making them go to a mall 3 days before Christmas.

    However.. I think if you had a terrible time for whatever reason then you have every right to say so, even if it was just because of malls, since what I dislike should have no bearing on what anyone says in their own personal space. But everyone has a right to bitch whether it's about stuff sucking or about people bitching about stuff sucking, or people bitching about people bitching about stuff sucking :)

    So, that said.. :) I think you had every right to complain, and I'm sorry that things didn't go better for you. I'm sorry your parents put you through drama instead of just understanding that you were tired and wanted to go home. I wish I could lend my parents out to people sometimes.
  • Jeez Louise. Not only is this, as many have pointed out, your journal, but please... suffering is bad enough on its own without it becoming a competition.

    I mean, my mother died... two weeks before Christmas... and that notwithstanding, I still managed to have a better actual Christmas Day than you did, partly because nobody manipulated me or burst into tears with the intent of making me feel bad. I am certainly not solipsistic enough to think that because I hurt, you shouldn't be allowed to express that you do, too. I'm sorry you got that kind of reaction.

    I admit to being slightly annoyed at a person who posted about feeling poor and getting nothing and whatnot, yet in the same breath mentions that when sie did get hir hands on some money this year, sie ran right out and bought the boxed set of Grand Theft Auto. However, your situation is considerably different -- and unlike this other person, you did nothing to aggravate it.

  • What is with people? And basic clues.... this isn't a community journal? Where is the common sense that this is YOUR journal, YOUR soapox, they should respect that and move on. OR WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY READING IT.

    Banning people and kickin' your journal out of anon mode is as Martha says... "a good thing".

    I am reading backwards through time so I haven't caught up with your suckyness. But I already am guessing it's going to remind me why I have done things like..... not talked to my dad in 6(?) years.
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