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And 2 hours later...

Went out.
Hit postoffice: was second person in line.
Acquired present mailed to housemate, and present mailed to me: I do not know who my secret santa is, but it was a good choice, and thank you.
Acquired present requested by housemate for mutual friend.
Had a cup of coffee.
Went downtown
arrived downtown.
Bought presents for mother.
Bought present for self, afterwards, because bookstore was nearby, exerting evil bookstore suction ray, as is its wont.
Alexandre Dumas, you shall be read, and you shall have influence upon my writing style. Aubrey Beardsley, you shall be my calendar for 2004.
Escaped bookstore line in 5 minutes- made salesgirl laugh aloud because I was surprised I'd gotten downtown at 4, hit two checkout lines, and it wasn't even 4:30 yet.
Was wished a happy holiday by salesperson, returned favor.

4:40ish: caught bus home
Exited bus.
Went to Walgreen's.
Spent more time in Walgreen's than in Macy's OR Borders.
Acquired wrapping paper, acquired bows and ribbon, went home.
Unpacked booty.
Boxed Mother's present.
Unwrapped present from secret santa.
Read a bit.
Sat down at computer and wrote this.

I did not once find myself tempted to kill.
I even wished salesperson a 'happy holidays'.

...I'm obviously coming down with something.

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