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spam humor.

This entry's been cobbled together over the last week or so.

So I strongly recommend a login which is a word meaning 'a depressed emotional state'. I have gotten more giggles out of 'loginname, spam just for you!' spam subject lines, over the last week or two.
Some samples:
'angst it is less expensive than the commercial alternative' Any guesses as to what the commercial alternative to angst might be?
'angst be forever young' Misery will keep you youthful.
'angst, private delivery to your home' Because you don't want your coworkers knowing you're having angst shipped to you.
'angst, look and feel great!' I'm thinking this is a new diet. Sorrow makes you skinny.
'angst you can order in complete privacy' But they still haven't quite got down telephone orders for schadenfreude.
'information angst' Story of my life, that.
'angst for the ladies' (objoke:) I've had dates like that.

Though I get some damn funny porn spam, too:

'angst, international Vladimir Nabokov society: deflorated teens on video release' -- I keep reading this one with angst as a verb, being used in the imperative: 'you! over there! the International Vladimir Nabokov Society! Angst!'
'angst, your lifetime cruel orgies gold membership' -- you know, an orgy of cruelty does sound like something the avatar of angst might have a lifetime subscription to.
'angst, firmer larger breasts, in 30 days' Better Tits Through Anxiety.

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