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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Yes, I'll have the hatey hatey homestyle hate, with a side of hate rings, please?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Yes, I'll have the hatey hatey homestyle hate, with a side of hate rings, please?

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mucha mosaic
Last night, I go to bed a wee bit early (even though I'm not feeling tired): I had to get up about 2.5 hours early this morning.
So a wee bit early. Toss, turn, toss toss turn.

Then 1 AM rolls around.
1 AM includes the arrival of my upstairs neighbor, who then proceeds to move furniture about in the room over my head.
And then move more furniture around in that room.
And then move MORE furniture around.

I got out of bed and thought about how to address her on this as I dressed. Got up to the door, rang the doorbell. 'Oh... I'm sorry. We're moving.'
Well at least some clouds do have silver linings. But I still want to taste her liver.
  • Find out where she moved to, and set it on fire.
    • No, then she might MOVE BACK.
      • Not if she's in the new place at the time. Oh, did I forget to mention the part where you bar the doors?
        • Hmn. She's not worth going to jail for, which is what might be the worst-case scenario for setting the place on fire with her locked in it.

          ...but I did have to think about that.
  • And you didn't kill her. I am so impressed.
    • No, I just smiled, introduced myself, and said "I'm normally not even home before 7- and not in bed 'till midnight. If you need to schedule movin' post-midnight, maybe move stuff out to your hall before that? because stuff in the hall doesn't wake me up at all."

      Yes, I wanted to grab her by the throat and stab her until I couldnt' see anything but red. But her boyfriend was there, which made this plan overcomplicated.
  • My roommate actually just did this very thing! She and her man left on their cross-country drive at 4 a.m., which meant that starting at 3 a.m., they were clomping around the apartment in their heavy boots, dragging their stuff around, talking in loud voices, and slamming the door. I was wide awake, but they woke up the next door neighbor (nice lady), and I was grumpy at them for that. But, I hate the downstairs neighbor with a passion, so I was secretly pleased & hoped they'd maybe also do some flamenco dancing as icing on the cake. However, I do sympathize with you, because I have serious problems with the downstairs neighbor. It's ugly to have things going on on top of your head, but it's also ugly to have to hear someone's bad music so loud that it vibrates in your floor. :P Anyway, just think -- the new neighbor can only be an improvement.
    • If the new neighbor doesn't wear high heels from dawn to bedtime @ 1 AM, then the new neighbor will be an improvement.
      • How big is your building?

        We have 4 units in this one... and myself and the next door neighbor (who is a crazy lady,but in a nice way) have to put up with the downstairs chick... and the other downstairs people hate her too.

        I think it ultimately boils down to consideration. Your neighbor doesn't sound very considerate (historically) so her moving furniture around at 2 a.m. is just the icing on the last cupcake. But, you will soon be rid of her! Then I will move in upstairs and practice my flamenco...
        • 22 or 23 units: I can't remember which offhand, and can't dart outside to look at the mailboxes, given that, well, I'm a bit of a way from the house at the moment.
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