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This Isn't Alice's Fucking Number for Christ's Sake.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

This Isn't Alice's Fucking Number for Christ's Sake.

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mucha mosaic
So we are rolling the phone plan over @ work into a different provider.

I was offered the option of picking a new #, or sticking with the # I had. I chose the former, because about once a week I'd get someone else's voicemail: generally it was a woman, speaking in Spanish, asking regarding a housecleaning position. My Spanish is not good enough to permit me to coherently tell her there is nobody at this phone who wants a housekeeper, so she calls back.
And Over.

So yes, new phone number! say I, thinking that this will be my ticket to unlimited bliss and freedom from Senora Gonzales calling at 4 PM to ask me about the housekeeper position in the house I don't own. Curiously, while some of the folks have been able to grasp 'I'm sorry, there's no housekeeping position available at this phone number'- not a one of these has been able to tell me where she got the damn #.

New phone. It's too small. It's freakishly small. It's mutated-pigmy-chihuahua small. I'll put it this way: it has a little leash on it, that you can put fingers through while you're using it so you don't drop the thing?
The leash is nearly twice as long as the phone. And is just barely big enough to surround my whole hand.
I've already gotten voicemail for a Tracey from her brother who wanted her to know that the book she wanted him to pick up doesn't exist.
Sent within the last 1/2 hour.

  • (Anonymous)
    ¡Hola, Colin!
    Usted finalmente tiene una cuenta viva del diario. ¡Muy agradable!
    (Mi madre todavía no puede conseguir que americano arrogante para contestarle las llamadas sobre el trabajo de la economía doméstica.)
    • To quote from bash.org:
      I will be a wealthy man when I invent a way to stab someone in the face over the internet.
  • Sorry, I just couldn't resist. ;^>

    All Hail Babelfish!
  • If you ever need anyone to cuss out anyone in spanish or french, just give moi a holler, ok?
    • J'ai la langue pour les badinages en francais, mais merci bien pour fait le suggestion!
  • This happens more often than I can tell you. :P We had a customer call in and complain about lost minutes because he got a 15m voicemail that wasn't for him and listened to it all.

    WTF? Just delete the damn thing!

    What kind of phone do you have, btw?
    • Is a Verizon Samsung a530s. I don't remember the model #.
      • Aiee, Samsung makes some tiny little phones. They have good battery life, though, I've been told.

        People tend to complain that Kyoceras and Samsungs are impossible to dial 'cause they're so damn small and the buttons are so tiny.

        Er. I'm tech-geeking again.
        • I'm OK with the tiny buttons. But I want my addressbook back now, damnit.
          • Hmm. A lot of places have transfer machines. If you can get your hands on your old phone even for a little bit, you ought to be able to get the numbers transferred over.

            God knows we spend enough time doing it.
            • Motorola Nextel -> Samsung, though? The list's been grabbed, and supposedly is to transfer soon. I just want it to be nooooow. waah.
              • I don't see why not. We transfer stuff from some OLD-ASS Nokias up to brand new Kyoceras and LGs.

                But Nextel is evil. So who knows?
  • my work phone is xxx-8159, the local alternative paper's classified section, xxx-8059, how many calls a week do you think I get from people?
    I had some guy, used to call us in Denver, and demand to talk to Tracy, "I know that bitch is there! I know what she's doing with you!" The only Tracy I ever knew was back in PA.
    So, to sum up, I feel your pain.
  • The number I have on my cell phone USED to be the number for an oilfield tools company back before the area codes here changed in early 1996; now, and for the last nearly-eight years, they have the same number, but with the outside-the-loop area code, whereas I have the inside-the-loop area code that was originally the code for the whole city. And Houston has ten-digit dialing, so people always have to dial the area code; it's not just a matter of forgetting to dial an area code at all. I get so many calls for them that my voicemail greeting specifies how to call them correctly, and I don't pick up calls from numbers that I don't recognize. I've had this phone number for almost 4 years now; I kept thinking that the calls would peter out, and they have decreased slightly, but I still get about 5 calls a week, although that's down from 2 or 3 a day previously. I just hate the idea of having to give out a new number. Bleah.
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