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Okay, since the media's pissing all over itself like a puppy when mommy comes home...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Okay, since the media's pissing all over itself like a puppy when mommy comes home...

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mucha mosaic
...I have to ask.
1: What does Saddam Hussein have to do, in any way shape or form, with the status of things in the Middle East? Okay, the Iraqis know that he's not running their country now. But surely they knew that... well what, when the US came tromping in the front door and announced 'HELLO, WE'RE HERE FOR SADDAM'? So seriously: what's the benefit to them- what's the benefit to us?
2: apparently there is an article in the London newspaper the Telegraph which throws the whole war on Iraq into grim, horrifying contrast. This article went to press about oh 5 hours before Saddam was captured. Anybody wanna bet that Bin Laden 'gets captured' the week we go into the New Hampshire primaries?
3: Oh, and isn't it good to see that the evil horrible liberal media has fallen in step with the administration within a mere 3 years, since it was the tool of the devil all through Clinton's administration?

To me, the whole thing is starting to look more and more like the work of a poorly-orchestrated cabal. The Manichurean Candidate, gentlemen. Not The Keystone Kops. I'm just surprised nobody seems to notice this. My folks were in the midwest and Pennsylvania 8 months ago, and said when they got home that they couldn't believe the lack of critical thought involved in the view of their relatives in re: the 'war on Iraq' (read: the Geneva-Convention-violating invasion of Iraq). Everyone they spoke to was going on and on about how evil Saddam was and how he had something to do with the World Trade Center attack.
I don't know what troubles me more: the fact that the attempts to divert attention are so fucking obvious-- or the fact that they don't honestly need to be more subtle.
  • Perhaps, and perhaps it's just another coincedence that just today attack ads against Howard Dean are being run in Iowa and New Hampshire that blast Osama's face all over it.

    the "Americans for Jobs, Health Care, and Progressive Values" is being suspected of a Republican front.
  • Answers:

    1) Nothing at all. This isn't about Iraqi freedom, it's about American politics and big, dirty money.

    2) Trick question. There will be nothing forthcoming from Iraq during the New Hampshire primaries, because the President is running unchallenged by his own party. The correct answer is, Bin Ladin will "be caught" around the end of the third week in October, 2004.

    3) The Media is still the tool of the Devil, a free-operating agent with no party affiliation and no loyalties.

    How many did you get right?

    Three: Your name and IP will be recorded and sent to Homeland Security for routine cross-referencing.

    Two: Not bad, but you could do to with a little less thinking. That stuff can hurt you, you know.

    One: USA Today reader.

    Zero: You are an exemplary American. Thanks for supporting our Evil Emp- err... I mean, The Troops. Hurr. Nevermind, just go back to watching your Fox News.
  • Ah, but it's not the war on Iraq, it's the war in Iraq. Bah.
  • Sadddam being captured, IMO, makes for a nice Xmas prezzie for the Citizens of the United States. Coupled with his surprise Gobble Gobble visit on T-day, it makes for a nice "American" president.

    I think the majority of the country that do support the "war" are swayed by such displays of Patriotism, so they're going to eat all this shit up. California may have the highest elvtoral college vote int he Union, but it is only one state, and Texas is either 2nd or 3rd.

    Let's face it, it might as well be the bible belt east the last Bart station, becuase when you leave the Bay Area, it's a pretty damn conservative nation these days (except for Gureneville). I got that vibe driving to Tahoe and passing through Sacramento. There are just enough people that will vote for Bush, and in the end, that what counts.
    • I just can't get over the turkey day thing. that still makes me want to smack him with a 2x4. THANK YOU for INSANELY endangering yourself a SECOND TIME, Mr. President, and for doing so, this time, in a way that would have left the nation completely headless if something should have happened (and god forbid that something happen, but).
    • just think: Cheney would have been our Prez, then go off and have a heart attack.

      Eek ghads!
    • I don't think secretly surrounding yourself with hundreds and hundreds of soldiers already prepared to kill anyone unauthorized that comes near the general vicinity of the base before you even get there is 'insanely endangering' a President - certainly not as much as openly visiting a foreign country where you announce the itinerary weeks in advance and don't get the host nation to agree to all your security demands, yet go anyway.

      While I dislike many, many, many things that Bush does, boosting the morale of troops stuck fighting in a foreign country is something I'm okay with. Especially since it's not like it's never happened before - just since WWII, Eisenhower, LBJ (twice), Nixon, Bush Sr, and Clinton (twice) have paid official visits to troops in combat and/or war zones. LBJ and Nixon did so while the fighting was still actively underway, even.
  • Give up on American news and listen to the BBC.

    Admittedly they have their issues as well, but they seem to be a lot better at getting the thoughts of the common middle-easterner on air. I listen to the broadcast on NPR most nights.

    One of the reasons Saddam was important to the mideast as a whole was because he was perceived as standing up to the US, especially by the Palestinians, who feel pretty bullied by the US seemingly taking Israel's side every time.

    Another thing is the concept of honor in that part of the world. Even at this last stage, Iraqis feel they have been shamed by Saddam, who though they hated and feared him, allowed himself to be captured and did not fulfill his earlier vows against such a thing. Many feel he should have committed suicide (according to the BBC) rather then what happened.

    All of this affects relations in the area. So while Saddam may be only one miserable tyrant and despot, he wasn't one in a vacuum.

    Now, as for the idiots who can't think for themselves and swallow every bit of spin-doctored pap... there are tons of people who don't think for themselves. There always have been, and always will be. They're what make us look smart.
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