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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

shifting standards of male beauty

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

shifting standards of male beauty

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mucha mosaic
I like brunets with fair eyes.
Marcus Schenkenberg. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

But Jake Gyllenhaal? Nope. Elijah Wood? Nope.
And I finally figured out why...
they both have the same bulging frightened-chihuahua-like eyes.
  • Did you mean...

    Did you mean Elijah Wood? Or Orlando Bloom? Or, is Elijah Bloom a person?
    • Re: Did you mean...

      I did indeed mean Mr. Wood. D'oh! I corrected myself above.
    • where is my mind?

      i like the idea of orlando wood. lol!
      • Re: where is my mind?

        Hmmmn. Combine the two and you might have an unstoppable menace bent on uhm I'm not sure, but I think you couldn't film a lot of it.
        • Re: where is my mind?

          I did not need to go there. Already tired, mind prone to wandering. Aaaaaaa.
  • Steempy, we have to throw thees reeng into the fires of Mount Doom!
  • ......

    In addition to the canine eyes there's also a few personality traits that Mark and Johnathan share that Jake and Elijah are lacking, if we're realling aiming to be completists here. ;)
  • I cannot lie. I'd do them all. My standards of male beauty, and female beauty for that matter, are astonishingly low. It has a pulse? Get it!
    • Elijah Wood actually creeps me out too much. I genuinely think I couldn't.
      • Boy, I could. I'd make that buggy-eyed little bastard my ball-gag wearing bitch. And his little friend Samwise, too.

        What is it? What do you smell?


        Yeah, I must be ovulating or something. I'm sure that's information you desperately needed.
        • You can [b]so[/b] have my share of that little buggy-eyed bastard.
          • Sweet! When I'm spanking him and making him cry, I'll tell him, "This one's for colubra!"

            BTW, is your AV taken from Boring, Oregon? We have the best names up here.
            • I do not know: I found it at boners.com (NOT CONSISTENTLY WORK-SAFE, oh reader: photo content varies from PG to XXX with no warning whatsoever).
  • Does anyone but me find it suspicious that those Taco Bell commercials stopped just about the time Donnie Darko was filmed?

    Could it be?

  • Oh yeah. I have similar issues about Rufus Sewell. I don't think Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes are QUITE that buggy, though. I'd do him. AND his sister. Same time, if possible. Rrrrowl.
    • You can have my share of Maggie. My share of Jake is most definitely spoken for.
  • Elijah Wood looks exactly like Wynona Ryder.

    That is all.
    • I can't agree. Wynona, big of a cunt as she is, is actually pretty. Elijah looks like a caricature of her, maybe.

      He's just Not Pretty. He's scarylooking.

      Now off to vote Green.
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