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Terrifying Pop Culture Memories

scanner_darkly calls this one 'tashewolf's 'S POP CULTURE SURVEY FOR SHAMELESS CYNICS', so I suppose we have tashewolf to thank for this little shuddering trip down memory lane.

1. What movie do you own (or wish you did, or otherwise similarly adore) that might surprise other people?
Murder by Death, probably. Though maybe not as surprising as I'd like to think it was.

2. Name three of your pop culture idols when you were ~5-6 years old:
The Beatles (I still know most of the dialogue of Yellow Submarine by heart)
David Bowie (the first recorded instance of my voice I know of is me singing 'The Laughing Gnome', with my babysitter playing guitar)
The Osmonds (it was 1975. Terrible things happened in the 1970s.)

3. Name three songs that you thought were the shit when you were ~12-13 years old:
'Who's That Girl?', Eurythmics
'Ashes to Ashes', David Bowie (Yes, I thought 'Let's Dance' was a sellout album)
'Doctor Doctor', Thompson Twins

4. Name three pop stars who you had mad crushes on prior to puberty:
Annie Lennox
Adam Ant (though I didn't know it was a crush 'till puberty was dealt with)
Roger Taylor of Duran Duran (same, though I was a bit more clear on finding him sexy. Mnph. Drummer upper-arms.)

--Two in your teens:
Early teens:
Tom Bailey from Thompson Twins
David Bowie (I realized he was actually handsome as well as being talented)

--One in your twenties:
Bowie continued, but I'll add in a new one: Trent Reznor

--What do you think of each of these people now?
I adore Annie vastly, still, and am thrilled to see her happy and living the life she seemed to want to live, 20 years ago.
Adam Ant seems like he deserves to be happier than he is; as skepticle pointed out: last photo we saw of him, he looked like a chauffeur between jobs.
Roger Taylor has aged second-best out of the lot. I think he may be a bit of a prick, though. No, I'm quite sure of it.
Tom Bailey seems to be living happily ever after.
David Bowie is still David Bowie. Though more crushworthy in my eyes, I'm not as ga-ga-ga about him.
I'd still do Trent.

5. Name one or more potentially embarrassing trend(s) that you bought into between the ages of 7 and 14:
bizarre haircuts. Neon clothing being acceptable, permissible, or in any way something other than fucking hideous.

6. What was your favorite item of clothing in junior high school?
Probably the Members Only jacket that I look back on and shudder. Though the black army surplus trenchcoat my much-admired godbrother gave me was a very close second.

7. Name a potentially embarrassing crush on a pop icon you currently DO or COULD have:
I'm not sure how embarassing a crush on Johnny Depp is. How about Kyan from 'Queer Eye'. That sounds embarassing.

8. Name a song, movie, or TV occurrence that you once found unbearably romantic:
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Especially the ballroom scene.
Though I have to admit I still think that scene's terribly romantic.

9. Who was your first celebrity crush that you can remember?
Watching Battlestar Galactica with the housemate reminded me that apparently, I thought Starbuck was quite the hottie.

10. Who was your favorite band when you were ~10?
David Bowie. Because he was all the things that mom and dad warned me about, and because my babysitter thought he was absolutely fantastic.

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