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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Aaah, what a slob I am.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Aaah, what a slob I am.

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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)
Cleaning up in my bedroom so that I can do the finish-up tasks in my bedroom cleaning project. There's a rug coiled up on the floor that needs to replace the rug that's on the floor now. But to do that, I need to clear the floor up so that the rugs can be swapped.

At least I'm not a NASTY slob, just a lazy one. The rubbish I've found is mostly paper: junk mail, bags, &c.
Most of the books are now fit happily onto bookshelves in my bedroom (and will get alphabetized at some point). Most of the shelfspace I had- which when I got the new shelves in the hallway was SHELVES and SHELVES of space- is now eaten up.
Most of the dirty clothes are in a hamper waiting to get washed.

And somehow, it seems like I've done nothing. Pfui.
  • I'm the same way, honestly. It's not so much icky nasty mess as it is simple clutter and stuff that's long since overflowed bookshelves, storage bins, and closets. Soon, I will have all the reference-oriented books, the art books, and my notes in one room, even. I'm honestly anticipating the collapse of the floor -- it almost happened to my father in the other house, since he's exactly the same way.
    • Ayep.

      A friend of mine called my attention to a character in (I think) a John Irving book, who has been saving National Geographics in her home for ages.
      There were engineering students involved, somehow, who calculated that with the October 1974 issue, the house would collapse with her in it.

      I've often wondered if that little vignette was Irving reminding himself 'cull the bookshelves now and again'.
      • Re: Ayep.

        As frightening as I am, my father is worse. The man has comics in droves, a collection of pulp novels that'd fetch a mint from collectors, and so many mystery novels it really blows my mind. It's very, very scary. They overflowed an entire room that was lined, literally, in shelves, with additional boxes on the floor, and at least as many as were in that room again in the basement and attic. I have seen small town libraries with smaller collections, in all seriousness.

        I have one six-footer of art, another of costume/fashion, and two of miscellaneous and reference, not counting the few shorter ones scattered around. *grin* It's a lot, but not too insidious. I'm bad with magazines, though, admittedly. I have boxes of them out on the porch, since it's just easier to keep the half decent ones than it is to track down outfit X from obscure designer Y in an ungodly expensive book years later. I keep meaning to go through them all, yank the things I like to file away, and toss the rest -- but it would simply take too long.
        • Re: Ayep.

          Okay, book horror:
          there're 2 7'x4' shelves in my bedroom. There is another unit of comparable size in the hallway, and a 'normally' sized bookshelf as well. They are all full.
          Even more frighteningly, I've READ all of them. some several times.

          There is a tall skinny supposed-to-be-CD-rack in the livingroom on which the recently acquired books live- things that need to get read or just get put away. That's about 1/2-full.
    • Re: Ayep.


      I miss my books. So many of them are still in PA.
    • Re: Ayep.

      *nods sadly* Yep. Sounds like we're on a similar level of book addictions. Most of what I have is reference, these days.

      One odd and random discovery, though? Media shelves for DVDs/VHS. They're godlike for paperbacks, since they're often not as deep, and they have more shelves per unit since they're meant to stack the shorter tapes or DVDs. Less room space eaten, more storage. I yearn for two of these, for the action figures and DVD/VHS collections alone.
      • Re: Ayep.

        Damn, but that would rock for massmarkets.
        I think I have one or two trade-paperback-or-hardcover for every massmarket-sized paperback, unfortunately.
        and no wallspace. Quite literally- I'm wanting to do that cross-stitch thing I kludged up earlier-- and am unable to find a place on the damn wall to HANG it.
        • Re: Ayep.

          Isn't that a wonderful shelf? I found a place that carries them in a few different colors for a little less, too. I yearn for one for the figures in the hallway, and I'd actually use the other to wall off an archway we were just going to put a screen across elsewhere in the house. *wistful sigh*
          • Re: Ayep.


            And meanwhile, I am to the point where more of the floor is visible than not. Woohoo!
            • Re: Ayep.

              Yay! Discovering floor is like discovering hidden lands at times. When I finally cleared one deadly corner of my studio, the first thing I did was sprawl over the floor and make a snow angel on the carpet. Well, as much as one can make a snow angel on carpet.
              • Re: Ayep.

                And now, I have got all the laundry into a hamper, and I have got all the stray books out of the room. I am stuffing CDs back in the CD racks.

                There is really not any greater amount of space on the floor. Pfeh!
                • Re: Ayep.

                  At some point, when it is organized, I'll post pics of the studio. I swear, it'll make you feel much better. Honest.
                  • Re: Ayep.

                    There's laundry to do. There's a stack of books to find homes for.
                    And I'm essentially done. Woohoo!
  • please to be checking email to see apologetic invite (slash forehead slap) to venture out into the wet...
    • Oh but I can't, much as I'd like to: this is about the only chance I'm going to get between now and housemate-mother-arrival to finish cleaning in my room.
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