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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Soundtrack Of Your Life Meme

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Soundtrack Of Your Life Meme

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mucha mosaic
I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I'm damned if I remember what I chose.

Opening Credits: 'Candidate (demo version)', David Bowie
Waking-up Scene: 'Oh! You Pretty Things', David Bowie
Average-day scene: 'Childhood Memories', British Sea Power
Best-friend(s) scene: '(This is Not a) Love Song', PIL
First-date scene: 'Oblivious', Aztec Camera
Falling-in-love scene: 'Stray', Aztec Camera
Love scene: 'Wild Is the Wind', David Bowie
Fight-with-friend scene: 'Hold On To What?', The Beautiful South
Break-up scene: 'Never Be Mine', Kate Bush
Get-back-together scene: 'Under the Milky Way', The Church
"Life's okay" scene: 'Candidate (demo)', David Bowie
Heartbreak scene: 'Shrinkwrapped', Sleeper
Mental-breakdown scene: 'We Could Send Letters', Aztec Camera
Driving scene: 'Here Come the Warm Jets', Brian Eno
Lesson-learning scene: 'Taking Tiger Mountain', Brian Eno
Deep-thought scene: 'Zen', John Cale
Flashback scene: 'Coleocanth', Shriekback
Party scene: 'Party', Dream Academy
Happy dance scene: 'Charlotte Anne', Julian Cope
Regret scene: 'Gone But Not Forgotten', Marc Almond
Long-night-alone scene: 'I Can't Forget', Leonard Cohen
Death scene: 'And Dream Of Sleep', Kate Bush
Closing credits: 'Is That All There Is?' Peggy Lee
  • Hmm. And some good stuff I have to check out on here.
    • recommendations:

      'Candidate (demo version)', David Bowie-- a truly lovely little artifact out of the sessions for Diamond Dogs. Not in print at present- will be back in print in 2004, on an import 2CD 30 year anniversary re-issue of Diamond Dogs.

      'Childhood Memories', British Sea Power-- I don't know WHAT the hell I like about this band. But I really, really like it.

      'Oblivious', Aztec Camera-- Off their album 'High Land, Hard Rain', which is the 'omfg you MUST HAVE THIS ALBUM' album ('We Could Send Letters' is also on this one). The rest of their work's good, but the vocalist's an acquired taste. If you acquire the taste, 'Stray' (album of same title) is sheerly boggling.

      'Hold On To What?', The Beautiful South-- The Beautiful South are great for people over the age of 27 or so.\

      'Zen', John Cale-- the new John Cale is frigging amazing. I don't know why he didn't feel like writing for so long- but it's a joy to have him writing so vibrantly after such a long absence.

      'Gone But Not Forgotten', Marc Almond-- I can't gush about his new album, 'Heart on Snow', enough.

      'Is That All There Is?' Peggy Lee-- well worth having.
      • Re: recommendations:

        'Hold On To What?', The Beautiful South-- The Beautiful South are great for people over the age of 27 or so.

        But I'm 26.

        Is this allowed? ;)
        • Re: recommendations:

          I fell for 'em back then, so... ;) there's a maturity to their pop that doesn't happen much, though.
          • Re: recommendations:

            I think I remember listening to them in H.S. and not appreciating them much.

            Time to check their work out again, then.
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    • Re: This has nothing to do with the post

      My great pleasure! I'm glad I could help out. :)
    • Re: This has nothing to do with the post

      Just glanced at your LJ and noticed that whoever our hacker was left a few artifacts for you: probably going to need to recustomize names of a few links on your journal.

      Could be worse, but bleah. So glad I was able to help.
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