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Soundtrack Of Your Life Meme

I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I'm damned if I remember what I chose.

Opening Credits: 'Candidate (demo version)', David Bowie
Waking-up Scene: 'Oh! You Pretty Things', David Bowie
Average-day scene: 'Childhood Memories', British Sea Power
Best-friend(s) scene: '(This is Not a) Love Song', PIL
First-date scene: 'Oblivious', Aztec Camera
Falling-in-love scene: 'Stray', Aztec Camera
Love scene: 'Wild Is the Wind', David Bowie
Fight-with-friend scene: 'Hold On To What?', The Beautiful South
Break-up scene: 'Never Be Mine', Kate Bush
Get-back-together scene: 'Under the Milky Way', The Church
"Life's okay" scene: 'Candidate (demo)', David Bowie
Heartbreak scene: 'Shrinkwrapped', Sleeper
Mental-breakdown scene: 'We Could Send Letters', Aztec Camera
Driving scene: 'Here Come the Warm Jets', Brian Eno
Lesson-learning scene: 'Taking Tiger Mountain', Brian Eno
Deep-thought scene: 'Zen', John Cale
Flashback scene: 'Coleocanth', Shriekback
Party scene: 'Party', Dream Academy
Happy dance scene: 'Charlotte Anne', Julian Cope
Regret scene: 'Gone But Not Forgotten', Marc Almond
Long-night-alone scene: 'I Can't Forget', Leonard Cohen
Death scene: 'And Dream Of Sleep', Kate Bush
Closing credits: 'Is That All There Is?' Peggy Lee

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