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Robert Jordan needs to be stopped.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Robert Jordan needs to be stopped.

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mucha mosaic

His next novel is titled:
New Spring
The Novel
The Wheel of Time In the Beginning

I'm sorry, I READ the Wheel of Time in the beginning. I read 150 pages of it. I had to forcibly restrain myself from throwing it across the room. Don't further reward Jordan for prolonging his mediocre series, people.
  • I take it that he hasn't finished the series yet, has he?
  • Never made it into chapter two of The Wheel of Time. I did, however, manage to plow through five and three quarters books of Stephen Donaldson's White Gold Wielder series, I was a masochist when I was young. No longer, for those kinds of books.

    Bleah. Bleah, I say.
    • No comparison. Donaldson didn't finish on vague notes in the first trilogy (I admit he succumbed to this in the second trilogy), and, well, he FINISHED the first trilogy -- in three books, go figure -- and then when he set out to do a second trilogy, likewise finished it in a timely fashion. Did I think the second trilogy was a bit meandering for a single story? Yes, but it has nothing, repeat, nothing on Jordan. Nothing.

      Oh, also, there were at least original twists on the standard fantasy adventure in the Covenant books.

      Now, I might accept Shannara as a parallel to Wheel of Time... bleah.

  • I weep. He's not supposed to be writing prequels. He's supposed to be finishing the damn series he starts. Christ. Get done already.
    • There's also the flimsy excuse that this particular new novel is just a novel-length expansion of the prequel short-story he wrote years back for the Legends anthology.

      So, we can hate him for writing prequel stories instead of finishing the damn series, AND for writing stories that are just longer wordier versions of stories he's already published!
    • See, I look at this and think 'on Jordan's favor- it's a book a year. That's something better than GRRM has been doing. ON Jordan's loss- I don't think even one of the last 4 books he's written has left anyone who read it happy, unlike the 1 GRRM novel that came out in the same timespan'.
      It seems like the Wheel of Time has become this grim duty, or responsibility, from out here. I'll get through to the end because I MUST GET THROUGH TO THE END.
      • It has become grim duty at this point and that's sad. However, I am one of those sad, sad pathetic cases who will sit through the bitter, bitter end because I cannot stand leaving something unwatched or unread. Drives me insane. I have to know how the story ends. And there are a couple people in the books that Jordan hasn't managed to ruin for me, thus I can claim them as favorite characters.

  • Oh wow -- I thought I was the only one. I began reading the free book given out at a con (actually, I believe it was the first half of the first book, I imagine in order to get me so hooked that I would then buy the rest), and there is only one other case where I have wanted to kill a character as badly as I wanted to most of those in the book. I didn't manage to finish even the first half of the first book. Ugh. Oh well, at least I don't have to read them for a long while, since I have a ton of books which are crying out to be read first.
  • Bah.

    I made three attempts to read the Wheel of Time, because the guy I was going out with back then seemed to think it was the best series ever written. I managed to struggle through to the middle of book 5 on the final attempt. I reckoned it was absolute rubbish. Wasn't going anywhere or doing anything, just being boring, despite the occasional nifty concept or neat moment.

    It's so nice to find that other people feel the same way.
    • I tend to refer to it as the 'Wheel of Tedium'. I just don't at this point understand why anyone reads them.

      This is the synopsis that the upstairs neighbor gave me of the most recent one:

      'Well, we knew at the end of the last book that something big was going to happen in this book. So we run around the storyworld, while the main character's never on-screen. For hundreds of pages. Then the something big happens. Main character NUKES A CITY.' He paused.
      'I think he just couldn't write it.'

      Now to be fair, this could be a lovely literary device. This could be employed terrifically.
      From the reaction I heard? It wasn't.
  • I'm embarrassed to admit that not only did I like books 2-5 but have read 6-8. There was a definite sense of progress in the earlier novels that appealed to the Civ/Masters of Orion geek in me. Sure the characterization was weak. But I can excuse that if a story has a sense of epic grandeur. But each of the last three novels have been worse than the last. The only thing remarkable about Path of Daggers is that Jordan managed to write nearly 600 pages with absolutely nothing happening therein. Nothing! the plot is all about Perrin trying to rescue Faile (yawn). But somehow in those 600 pages even the rescue attempt doesn't happen.

    Someday I've got to get that 'sucker' tattoo on my forehead surgically removed.
  • See, I let go of Jordan when I got tired of everyone being so damn unhappy all the time. All Angst, All the Time. Like early-Marvel Comics without the colour. And even the Wacky Friend wasn't funny. He didn't even have a decent sidekick.

    Mom & dad got me the first few books for XMas and Bday presents. I read them, I picked up one more which took me a year to read, then I realized that two more books had been published, which I didn't care about, since obviously NOTHING was going to happen.
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