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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Deeply wrong, and I think it must be done.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Deeply wrong, and I think it must be done.

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mucha mosaic
Here is a hack-and-paste job I did on the image found at http://www.annepowellltd.com/Images/92.jpg:

Does this have to exist, now? If it does- what colors do you think it ought to exist in? On black fabric or no?

The housemate did a better cut-and-paste on this in many ways- she used the shape of the G and the B as her shape for the D-- and also grabbed the lower half of the great-big-dangly-S as a swash for the 'y' in 'spooky'. If I do this, I'm going to crib off hers, as well, I think.

Yeah, it has to happen.

I have decreed it. Now to figure out how to do a little oval frame on either side, with Lenore and Pepito in each.
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    • These are both utterly brilliant.

      I'm pretty sure cross-stitch material can be found in black (and if not, it's usually natural fiber, so it can be dyed), and it'd probably not be terrible to chart in photoshop or similar...

      If it's done, please, please, please post a photo.
      • if it gets done- which is probably high likelihood, I bought the original pattern- I'll definitely do a good photo of it. Probably use it as the splash for a website or something.
        • *grin* That would be wonderful. If it's clear enough, I'd call it definite icon bait, too.
  • Oh. My. /Gods/. That came out /great/. When we were discussing it, I was having a hard time working out how the letters might be derived from the original, but /damn/. You both did phenomenal jobs with it.
  • Ohh, now you done it. I'm gonna have to hack this myself. Keep watching for breaking news....
  • If you make it, it needs to look as abso-fucking-lutely vanilla as you can make it. That is all :)
  • <lj user="digitalsidhe"> suggested:

    I like colubra's D and lyricagent's Y. (Although In lyricagent's version, the Y is unfortunately colliding with the T... but I know you could fix that in a real design.)

    I was going to vote for violet lettering on a black background, but srallen's suggestion about making it look as vanilla as possible has merit, too.

    and as the person whose journal this is:
    Please try to avoid using my real name in open entries on my LJ. :) Thanks a bunch for your thoughts, though, digitalsidhe!! I like lyricagent's 'Y' better too. ;) And there's some funkiness of spacing, but that'll be easier to fix on graph paper than with juggling aspects of an image, to be sure.
    • Re: <lj user="digitalsidhe"> suggested:

      Oops, sorry. Didn't know it was an issue. I've removed my post.
  • omg, that rocks.

    So, black linen/aida. I know this is relatively easily purchasable:


    Also: http://www.needleworkplus.com (this lady is really really nice, and has fantastic prices) will probably have anything you could ask for.

    The thread I ended up with was the Krienik metallic, and a different one called 'Treasure Braid' - they're a little bit awkward to work with, but not nearly as horribly difficult as the regular gold metallic thread that comes with many cross stitch kits. The lady at The Status Thimble recommended it as being cheaper and better than Kreinik.

    That help any?:)
    • Definitely does!

      Though one question. You wrote:
      The lady at The Status Thimble recommended it as being cheaper and better than Kreinik.
      She recommended the Treasure Braid as being cheaper and better? Just wanna make sure I know which one i'm shopping for.
      And I think i'll just do diamond shapes at the mid-point on hte letters, where the horizontal lines poke out.
      • Re: Definitely does!

        Yes, that's exactly right. :)

        The Treasure braid came in a larger amount, for less money, and behaves better.

        Realize though, that metallic is bitchy to work in general. This stuff is just somewhat less bitchy than others. ;)
        • Re: Definitely does!

          Thank you for the tip! I figured it'd just make a good little accent, so I'm not too terribly worried about it being finicky nasty stuff.
  • a week late -

    you know that Jace does cross-stitch stuff, right? He might be talked to about such a thing.
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