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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Okay. Rant about Thanksgiving Rants.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Okay. Rant about Thanksgiving Rants.

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mucha mosaic
If you must post some long ranty bullshit about how Thanksgiving is the holiday of the evil dead white oppressive masculine principles, could I ask that you please cut-tag it?
Yes, the pilgrims were fucking bastards. Yes, they did bad shit. Yes, they were thrown out of England for being prostelytizing assholes.
If you have NOTHING ELSE TO SAY THAN THAT, can you please shut the fuck up now. One would have to have been brought up under a rock to have missed that the pilgrims were assholes who got thrown out of England and proceeded to do bad shit. This is such common knowledge that it was even part of Addams' Family Values for the love of Pete.
You are saying nothing new, you are saying nothing essential, you are saying nothing novel. You should shut the fuck up: however, it is your journal, so if you must indulge this particular vice, I would ask that you do it behind closed doors. Or cut tags.

And wash your hands afterwards.
  • I don't honestly care who thought of it first; I like Thanksgiving. I like the notion of a holiday about thanks and humility and appreciation of all we can so easily take for granted in postmodern life.

    I like to eat good food and spend low-stress time with people I care about. I like singing "Alice's Restaurant" with no shame or sarcasm. I miss the FG Thansgiving parties.

    This Thanksgiving I will be thinking of you and the rest of my absent friends (or am I absent?), and I will be having a great time. I wish you and the whole crew the same :)
    • Right. I make the same argument perioditically when people (of various stripes (religious, against religion, anywhere in between) gripe about the origins of, say, Halloween (which I admit I don't get much out of it, but hey, it's all in fun) and Christmas (which I enjoy a great deal and always have) -- the origins are, to me, fairly irrelevant to what they are now, and I like what they are now.

      So, you know, Happy Holidays.

    • Oooh, yeah, now I'll be thinking of the FG thanksgiving parties, too.

      Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmmmmm.

      • We'll miss you too! Just think, we'll have to eat poor Hansel and Grettle without you.

        Hope you have a happy thanksgiving!
  • yeah, dude, okay- well a fine 'fuck you' to you, too.
    • Please don't take it personally.

      It's a pet peeve: your post was not specifically the cause of the above post. Your post did contribute- but was about the 16th entry in the avalanche of similar posts.
      In, and out, of this forum.
      If you wish to take the above post personally, that's your privilege: however, I'm not going to accept responsibility for your reaction to something I do. You can certainly point out that it made you react in some manner or other- which is exactly what happened above.
  • Oddly enough, the version of 'why we have Thanksgiving' I was taught in school had very little to do with 'the soon-to-be evil white man vs. the noble redskin' situation - we were taught that it had more to do with the Pilgrims celebrating the fact that they (the small percentage that made it, anyway) managed to survive the trip from England and the first year-or-so in the new world - the Indians were invited primarily because the Indians had helped the whole survival issue by giving the starving Pilgrims food, not because the Pilgrims actually felt any sort of kinship or benevolence towards the Indians as a people. After all, the Pilgrims were religious zealots, and the Indians were filthy heathens.

    So for me, the holiday isn't at all about the bountiful harvest, or some spiritual mumbo-jumbo about harmonizing with native elements in the world around you, or anything of the sort - it's about being thankful that you didn't starve to death, get killed by hostile forces or freeze to death. Very much of a 'I'm so thankful things are good and aren't a zillion times worse' deal.
    • (no subject) -
      • Eddie Izzard said it all about the pilgrims and Thanksgiving. If you have not yet seen 'Dress to Kill', you owe it to yourself: possibly the funniest standup ever taped-- and it includes the sketch on the pilgrims, which is SO perfect.

  • Heee. This entertains me because I am so goddamn caucasian I have no less than 13 ancestors from the Mayflower, including the pilot.

    Like most institutions, I firmly believe that it is far more effective to make the tradition into what you want it to be, give it personal meaning that may or may not match what society says it is about. I think the FG holidays have definitely been the better for that. ;)

    Of course, the Catboy has also demanded the right to play Burrough's piece about Thanksgiving along with Alice's Restaurant this year.
  • I like Thanksgiving because it means that droves of turkeys are killed for our sadistic pleasure. Slaughtered, roasted, sometimes deep fried, and oh my god the things they get crammed up their ass for later dining...

    I hate turkeys. They fucking murdered my family. I want them all to die horribly. Then go in my tummy.

    The turkeys, not my family.

  • *grins* this is so true.
  • Eh, a lot of unoriginal thoughts bear repeating. It may be old news, for example, to be pissed about South Carolina flying the Confederate Flag above the statehouse, but it still pisses me off.

    I don't know where I am on Thanksgiving - I like the modern holiday but feel kind of queesy about it's origins. But if I were pissed about it, I'd certainly not want to stop or cut my unoriginal rants until the TV programs and schools stop their unoriginal romanticizing and whitewashing a pretty unclean history (they have gotten better, of course, but I still remember the textbooks I had in elementary school and EWWWW).

    I rather suspect, though, that you are not particularly fond of the bs history either (the cartoons about the warm and loving brotherhood and benign peace between native and european that the Holiday celebrates!).
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