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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

inebriated whisky observations.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

inebriated whisky observations.

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mucha mosaic
Tullamore Dew is good stuff.
MacAllan is sort of... sharp. Tart. Has a nice smokey taste.
Laphroaig is challenging. Need to try it again sober.
  • Laphroaig is a bit of an acquired taste, but has become my favourite alcoholic drink bar none.
  • Tullamore Dew is luscious. One of my favourite whiskeys right behind Jameson's Gold.

    Macallan's taste varies hugely depending on the age.

    Laphroaig? Ulch. It's D's favourite. I can smell if the bottle's been uncorked - not even poured - from anywhere in the house. IMNSHO you may as well just lick out an ashtray.
  • Strictly speaking...

    Tullamore Dew isn't scotch. It's Irish. And if you like it, you must sometime try to get ahold of Paddy's. They don't import it anymore, so you need to have a traveling friend (or travel). I think it's the best of the Irish. (Damn them keeping it to themselves!)
    • Re: Strictly speaking...

      Duly corrected.
      I found Paddy's online, though. They don't deliver outside the UK, though. Which is a shame, as they carry the Glenfiddich Havana Reserve, which I deeply covet.
    • Re: Strictly speaking...

      I thought Paddy's to be unspeakably bland when I had it. Not as awful as Bushmills, though.

      • Re: Strictly speaking...

        Huh. I've always liked it because I felt it had more flavor than the other imports. I think it's very smoky. I hate Bushmills. I'll drink almost anything else. What Irish do you like? Or have you given up in favor of scotch?
        • Re: Strictly speaking...

          I've given up on Irish whiskey for the most part. It just dosn't seem to have any character at all. But of the major Irish ones, I'll take Powers first.

  • yumm-ee

    Laphroaig is my favorite.
    Aquired taste... sheesh.
  • Does this imply that you had Tullamore at the Edinburgh? I didn't think they had any there.
    • It does.

      I did.
      They have.

      (hrmn. maybe I'll make some day this month 'two-word-answer' day)
  • Which Macallan is it?

    Laphroig needs to be sipped. Very. small. sips.
    Definitely when you're sober.

    • I believe it was an 8 or 10-year-old; not sure off hand (I got to it w/ 3 pints and 2 shots in me already).
      The icon is chosen because of the boy's left hand, not the right.
      • I'll check out a Macallan sometime. It's one of those that I've just not gotten around to.. and if memory serves, it's one of the less expensive ones.

        ...The icon is chosen because of the boy's left hand, not the right...

        Is that not you, then?

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