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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Iconographologia iconographologia iconographologia I LOVE THAT WORD

Since someone asked, here we go.

This icon was the first one I wanted. When I picked the username I knew exactly what I wanted to use as the default icon for Colubra-- but couldn't find the right coiled-up snake. This snake was photographed at Ankhor Wat, by a National Geographic photographer.
A gift from welcomerain, given shortly after I made the account. I use this one for education of others- or overly pedantic nonsense.
Something I laughed my butt off at, on boners.com (which is a humor site, not a porn site, though the humor tends to be pretty damn NC17+)
This icon gets the most comments of any icon I have. This is a baby vampire bat, who was born to her mother while she was being moved from Haiti to a vampire bat preserve some bat researchers have set up in Arizona. She's sitting atop someone's hand: the bit just below her head and slightly to the left is the first index finger knuckle of the person holding her. She's very, very, very tiny. And very cute.
This seemed a nice one for looking askance at something amusedly.
Someone on the penny arcade livejournal feed community designed this, and it was so perfect an icon for frustration.
I had no pirate icon- NOR had I a 'what the HELL???' icon.
I can't remember where I found this- possibly boners.com.
I needed something for anger, having no anger icon, and having been particularly irritated with several folks.
This image was lifted from crotalus_atrox's comic, Boy Meets Boy. I felt I needed a BMB icon-- and I wanted one for happy moments, since I was distinctly lacking that.
From Nat'l Geographic again. This is a little icon one might hang on the shrine of the Virgin Mary, in Mexico, if one was having chest problems. Seems a good one for speaking-from-the-heart stuff-- though it's starting to turn into an icon for body/health stuff.
This image of Mr. Bowie I'm not sure what it means yet. But it distinctly has a mood of 'back off', or 'keep away'.
This was lifted from a website about phantom subway lines, abandoned elevated railways, and other weirdnesses of Manhattan. Gothic Alley doesn't exist anymore< I seem to recall reading: it is (if memory serves) the middle of what's now a large office block. This one seemed to be about finding things- looking on a map, or digging up historical documents. As someone asked: Forgotten NY is the site I stole this off- and a very interesting read.
I unabashedly stole this one- I like the image. The alt-text I assigned this one is 'Sod off: I'm drinking sake'.
I'm not sure what this image is about either- I'm starting to think of judgement, in the Crowley's-Tarot-deck sense. Standing apart and gauging the proper balance of a thing.
The only self-portrait icon I have.
Another National Geographic one: this crow is in North Africa, near a granary.
He looked terribly pleased with himself- and he reduced down very neatly.
Four denarii are better than two cents.

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