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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Because I can't stop giggling at it

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Because I can't stop giggling at it

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mucha mosaic

On a plate in R'lyeh, with macaroni and cheese, dead Cthulhudog lies dreaming.
  • Cthulhudog! Hahahaha!
  • I'm seriously considering the notion of an octodog maker thingie for my mother for Christmas. For the past few years, we've been rewrapping a Chia Head to pass back and forth between the holidays, but it's been lost. *dramatic sigh* And not much competes with a Chia Head, but the Octodog comes close.
  • That's... that's...

    Frightening is not the right word.

    Disturbing isn't quite right either.

    I must get one.
    • apparently, small kids often choke on chunks of hotdog, ergo the idea of cutting them up laterally, so it's not as big a chunk of meat that they might harm themselves with.
      Apparently, they're a huge hit with kids.
      And also apparently, they're really really gross with cheesedogs.
      • Ewww, with cheesedogs. In fact, cheesedogs are pretty ewwww all by themselves.

        Okay, I totally get why you might feed an octodog to kids. In fact, I suspect I will shortly be feeding an octodog to MY kids. What I don't get (aside from the weird-gadget-to-freak-people-out factor) is why on earth I should pay $16.95 PLUS shipping for a gadget which does what I could do with a paring knife in about 11 seconds. I'm not THAT uncoordinated.
        • This way, the kids can do it themselves. I don't trust a small enough kid to need an octodog with a paring knife.
  • "But I'm cthick of cthulhu!!!"
    "Oh well, just eat the rest of your... um. They call that a 'Meal'?"

    I'd get one, but for the full horror, I'd have to, well, buy hotdogs. Some sacrifices are just too great.
  • I must be very, very hungry because that actually looks tasty.
  • One of my mangas, Mars, has a few pages where the main male character goes all ga-ga because the main female character had made him hotdogs and cut them up to look like octopi.

    Must be a thing. :)
  • Awww! The things moms do to make kids eat!

    My mom used to put a slice of baloney on a plate and carve it into pumpkin-heads, smileys, sunshine, or gods know what all else to get me to eat, well, anything. I am quite sure she would have made me an octodog, since I would occasionally eat hot dogs.

    I should not be getting all childhood-sentimental about Cthulhu-shaped food, but oh well. Nobody said I had a normal childhood.
  • oh my god, that is fabulous and tacky

    I am so going to have to make that for the Catboy for dinner sometime soon.
  • I have one of these. Kids DO love it. So do grown-ups... it's hilarious. :-)
  • Ahh, the non-Euclidean lunch sensation I got for Aaron's birthday. Haven't used it much since then--I should buy more hot dogs next time I'm out, then come home and stage battles between the Old Ones.
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