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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

It's beginning to look a lot like Fish-Men...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

It's beginning to look a lot like Fish-Men...

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Eeeeverywhere I gooooo

Aaah, this CD just truly kicks ass. And I will not need to want to scream from hearing yet another christmas carol again.

To quote from the liner notes:
Christmas carols have suffered mightily at the hands of the capitalist machine in the 20th century: songs of joy and celebration have become mere marketing tools, a relentless onslaught of background noise. We hope this horrific treatment may put you back in touch with some really great music and the fact that mankind is doomed by age old evil lurking just beyond the bounds of our perception, waiting to return.

Borrowed from here; there are MP3s of samples. I mentioned the HP Lovecraft Carols earlier, for those who read my journal regularly.
  • OMG how funny, I want it.

    Thanks for your friendship and understanding.

    Big loving hugs,
    • It's pretty darn good stuff! And surprisingly well-performed. There's a link to their filk of 'Carol of the Bells' a few entries down from this one, on my lj-page (http://colubra.livejournal.com).

      I'm enjoying finding joy in these melodies again, frankly. They've been so completely marketing-dead to me for decades... and I always LIKED some of them, frankly.

      And you're most welcome for the friendship and understanding, you. Thank you for, well, being you.
  • I so very owe you for pointing me toward that site! *cackles insanely*

    It's the most horrible time of the year,
    There'll be ritual killing
    And omens fulfilling
    As Old Ones appear!
    It's the most horrible time of the year!
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