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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

If this is a Matrix Revolutions spoiler, then you can suck my balls.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

If this is a Matrix Revolutions spoiler, then you can suck my balls.

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slightly more than $.02
I don't think either of the Wachowski Brothers have ever had a second date.
FUCK but these boys can't write dialogue for female characters- especially emotive female dialogue.
Good god, boys. You're filled with money. You shit thousand-dollar bills:

And what is UP with that scar on Keanu's upper lip? Where the hell did that come from, and why hasn't he spent a few dozen grand on getting it fixed?
Totally fucks up the line of his mouth, on the occasions where he tries to emote.
  • Which is really sad since one of them has been involved with a professional domme for the past year or two... *heh*

    You'd think something would have sunk in.
  • The scar is his way of "keeping it real." Showing some love for the peeps in Oakland, I suppose. Who knows.
  • Keanu, emote?

    I do not understand your strange earth language.
  • One of the Wahchowski's is transitioning into being female, according to the gossip pages.
    • you know, he'd probably make as crappy-looking of a female as he writes crappy female dialogue.
  • Hey! Now there's TOTALLY NO POINT in my bothering even seeing the movie at ALL.

    ..so, er, where do I queue up..
  • Speaking of ol'Special K...is Keanu's neck broken or something? I've always noticed that he never seems to move or turn it unless he really needs to, which adds to the whole "as wooden as Al Gore" acting style. If I remember correctly, in the "Making of The Matrix" film, he was wearing a neck brace in the martial arts practice (along with a goofy hat, but that's another story, I'm sure).
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