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Update on Offensive Marriage Week:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Update on Offensive Marriage Week:

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Fuck You, Mr. Fred Phelps. I say 'Mr.', because your ordination is as much of a pathetic joke as you are.
With many, many thanks to crotalus_atrox for calling my attention to this.

What am I on about? Click here to remind yourself, in case you've forgotten in the intervening 17 days.
  • You be appalled and amazed by the article just_the_ash linked into the Defense Of Marriage Week post of my own I included as a link, for context... uhm... that is far too much of a maze.

    here, go read
    Addicted to Hate, By Jon Michael Bell with Joe Taschler & Steve Fry. Amazing article / expose about what a rotten little bastard Phelps is.
    Article brought to my attention courtesy of just_the_ash, to whom all thanks is due.
    • Well, I read the Phelps article.

      I really, truly want to beat that man senseless. Truly. At the very least, for what he did and has done to his own children.

      And the use of the "men will hate you for preaching the truth" scripture as a constant crutch...I think that should be the Bat-signal for a cult. I know that one popped up time and time again when I was little in the JW congregation I was raised in (thank goodness, I'm outta that shit).
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