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Update on Offensive Marriage Week:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Update on Offensive Marriage Week:

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Fuck You, Mr. Fred Phelps. I say 'Mr.', because your ordination is as much of a pathetic joke as you are.
With many, many thanks to crotalus_atrox for calling my attention to this.

What am I on about? Click here to remind yourself, in case you've forgotten in the intervening 17 days.
  • A friend of mine a while back sent me a book called Good Goats, which gives some interesting perspectives on the Christian God. One of the things the authors noted is that many people who have near-death experiences come back much more peaceful and less hateful. Although they didn't give the guy's name so I can't research further, they mention an evangelical fire-and-brimstone preacher who, after his near-death experience, actually left his religion because he said it went against everything he'd learned about God when he died.

    I would love for phelps to have a similar near-death experience and have to try to undo all of the damage he's done, even if it meant he wouldn't go to a special place in hell.

    Oh, and a special cheer to the folks in Casper. I'm not surprised that they ended up rejecting the monument, but I'm very happy that they did. I hope if the slimebag (or his spawn, since he's been disbarred) doesn't even get to see a day in court if he tries to sue.
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