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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

erotica 'writers'.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

erotica 'writers'.

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mucha mosaic
Man, is it that fucking hard to spot when your spellchecker 'corrects' your writing to:

...cum with me as I massaged their prostrates to organism.

What the hell. Some of the typos one finds in online porn are just amazingly funny.

...what, you people have read this stuff too.
  • Read it? Write it!
  • What about non-platonic love?

    Oh come now, surely you've heared of the prostrate, the tiny little gland behind the ear that, when properly stimulated, achieves a semblance of evolutionary life?
  • Actually, I mostly hope to avoid that sentence untypo-ed, too. :)
  • Though it wasn't the same cause, I will never forget the typo of "bugling" from "bulging" I saw many, many years ago on a list of "sexy adjectives" (?!) when I applied for a "telephone actress" position on a bet. (And yes, I got the job, no, I didn't take it.)

    I couldn't get typo this out of my head:
    Ohhhhbaby, your bugling manhood just drives me willlllld! *taps plays in the distance*

    It's been 12 years, and I still can't get it out of my head. It's my own Lady MacBeth syndrome, I guess.
  • Buahahahahaha.
  • nuku nuku wants gragles you pserms
  • Bwaha.

    Oh man. Now I've got the phrase 'bugling prostrate organisms' in my head.

    Oh dear.
  • Wait, you mean all that organism porn I was looking at wasn't really about organisms?

    No, really, their spellchecker has "cum" in it? Mine always highlights that.
  • Oh yeah, I have multiple organisms all the time. Often due to prostrate manipulation.
  • Your livejournal taunts my primitive rodent brain.

    Expanding the comments looks similar enough to the main page that I clicked the button five times before I realized it had switched views.
    • I'm lazy. You'd see at least one icon at least two times on any given page of my journal.
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