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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

What shall become of the baron?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

What shall become of the baron?

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mucha mosaic

And why did I choose this costume? It was a Nawlins-themed party.
Both photos taken by sinick Behind the cut? The Halloween costume.
  • I want you to squeeze, and SQUEEZE

    Okay, that's pretty cool and all, but I was hoping you meant Baron Harkonnen.
    • Re: I want you to squeeze, and SQUEEZE

      Ghede... lovely... Ghede...
      • Re: I want you to squeeze, and SQUEEZE

        He says voodoun, using the ancient tongue, the art of Samedi is still practiced by some among the Great Houses!
  • Baron Samedi? Gay.
    • Not quite.
      • Hmm...

        So, I saw your icon in toast3r's journal... And I have to say... a nice photograph. *nods*I always approve of Baron costumes.
        *has to go find his tophat these days*
        • Re: Hmm...

          Why thank you! It was an expensive costume to do (I just went and bought a damn tux), but my goodness the effect has been gratifying. :)
          • Re: Hmm...

            It bothers me somewhat that I know you through no less than two friends, and possibly more. *chuckles* That is somehow frightening.
            Yes. Tuxes are expensive. I often find myself wearing just the tail coat and hat... Or something similar. The one piece of advice I did have... white evening gloves. I have found that I like them... But to each their own Baron. *nods firmly*
            Mmm... Anyway, yeah, like I said. Nice. Very nice.
  • Seriously kick-ass costume.
  • Indeed.
    • *snicker*

      I don't laugh that deep, quite. But.

      A lovely soundbite, to be sure- thanks!
  • Nice!

    My other thought is 'HEY, you actually got out to a party??' ;)
  • That is an exceptionally slick costume. I'm loving the top hat, and the lip-stitching effect is wonderfully creepy.
    • lip-stitching? It's supposed to be clumsily-done teeth. Ah well. ;)
      • *grin* Ahh, it looks like lips stitched shut, or did at a glance to me. *blush* Admittedly, I'm all bleary from playing with Photoshop for too long tonight.
        • I think it looks a bit more right in the second pic, the one I built the icon out of, so, it's not just you. ;)
          • *nodsnods* Very true. The grin helps get the toothy effect. *grin* It's a wonderful costume -- more than I'm doin' this year, that's for certain.
  • Very cool.

    Fantastic costume with nice attention to details, particularly the walking stick, watch chain and spectacles! Did you have a cigar, too? (I feel like your hands may want gloves, but perhaps the Loa prefers bare fingers.) And how much coffee and rum did you drink at the party? *grin*

    Just for fun:
  • I'm just SO glad I managed to get this terrific HUGE GOOGLY EYES look he gets. (The eyes... The eyyyyes...)
    • and now that I know you are willing to fess up to being the photographer, I edit the post slightly. :)
      • Woohoo! Pimpage!

        - Sinick: Will Photograph Parties For Chartreuse!

        (...oi, it's worth a try.)
        • Do we need to get you a bottle of Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé?

          Do we need to go here to buy it?
  • Eeeexcellent costume. Might want to use some powder to cut shine on your face, but that's just personal opinion.
    • T'was, regrettably, a very warm night. Regrettably because I had at least 2 layers of cloth on any surface of my body and a very warm hat.

      A bit of a sheen was inevitable.
      • Ahh, right, nights often stay warm down there. Not here---soon as the sun's gone, it's like the dark side of the moon.
        • well, warm as in 'over 60'; wouldn't classify it as WARM warm, but. The apartment seemed swelteringly hot. ;)
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