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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

You are a small man with a little power. I am 5" taller and actually have some power.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

You are a small man with a little power. I am 5" taller and actually have some power.

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mucha mosaic
So, last night I took the train home. The conductor was insanely rude. I've ridden this train since I was 16 years old, and the policy through all of these years has been that you may not put your shoes on the upholstery. You MAY however put your shoed feet into your jacket on the opposite chair- or kick your shoes off.
My knee was bugging me a lot yesterday, so I took the first option there. 'Get your feet off the seat.'
'I'm sorry- beg pardon?'
'Your foot has to stay on the floor.'
'Odd- I thought that I could leave it on my jacket and keep it off the upholstery- that's how it's been the last 16 years.'
'Get your foot on the floor.'
'Did that policy change?'
'Get your foot off the seat.'
'I've got a bad knee, that's the only reason I have it up. I tore a tendon, and it hurts a hell of a lot less when I keep my leg straight.'
'Get your foot on the floor'
...and so on.

I think he's going to be very annoyed to find that his name was entered into the minutes of the board of directors meeting for the train service, since my boss sits on said board as a community-concerns person.

Little Caltrain man? Little Caltrain man named Lee, who was working on the #85 train, on the 11th of October, and took it upon himself to have the aforementioned conversation with me from Belmont to Hayward Park?

You still are a little man, and you're still without power. So sorry.

  • grr.

    Would you believe I got the same treatment from some bitchy cow on the train this morning? She was slightly less annoying, because when I tried to argue with her and demand an explanation of the policy change, she said "Okay, what*everrr*" and left me alone. She was trying to claim that someone else might need the seat I had my feet on. This was one of those pairs of facing seats on the top row, the ones no normal two people could sit in comfortably (no legroom), except possibly Siamese twins joined at the kneecaps.

    Grr. CalTrain idiots.
  • ...fucker.

    beloved friend: please do not think that just because i am laughing, i do not sympathize with your pain and frustration, that i do not share your antipathy toward petty little miscreants like this one.

    rather, know that i am chuckling (and i rather needed a chuckle today) because i can both hear and see your enunciation of the last word in your post, complete with pause for effect. it's nice to hear your voice, even in my head.
    • *giggle*

      Well, I included the fellow's name and which train so that anyone who reads livejournals and takes caltrain might just mention to him that he's a weenie.

      I am enjoying being petty and vindictive all over someone who's earned it.
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