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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
I now have black leather Converse hi-tops, and you, you do not. Hah-hah!
  • I am most jealous.

  • Curse you, Batman!
  • If they'd been black leather Converse low-tops, I'd be really jealous.

    Instead, I'll just hate you a li'l bit. Is that okay?
  • ..but I'm in Ireland and *you're* not!! :P :) hehehe
  • Do they even come in women's sizes? I wear an absurdly teeny size, a 5 1/2 US, translating to a 3 or 4 UK.
    • Yep.

      go here

      in case cookies prohibit it from rendering properly, you're looking for Chuck Taylor® All Star® European Black Unisex Hi - #1J854 on there.

      They say women should go 2 sizes down, and they're probably not kidding: I bought 10.5s and was SWIMMING in them; the 9.5s I just received are snug, but fit well, and are bound to stretch some.
  • Ahh, but I do have black leather Converse high-tops! I've had them for ten years! Bow down before me!
    • I did not know they existed 10 years ago. I am in envious awe, indeed. :)
      • They were kind of the Holy Grail of Converse at the time. :) They would pop up at outlet stores on occasion but were otherwise unavailable. Secret government project.
  • Oh, those'll go well with the tux, you sly sexton you.
  • ah, but...

    i do have 30-odd pairs tha i gathered or was gifted over the years

    i haff the black-on-black canvas (i don't do leather anymore)
    my favoritest ones though are the giraffe skin ones that glow in the dark so cool

    and i live in hawaii

    which leads to another problem in connection with the shoes

    i haff never thrown a pair away never

    but mold is a major problem here in the tropics they have to be washed constantly they can't be left in the dark unless they are oh-so-clean they can't even be left out sitting around too long if they are dirty

    the jungle may win this one

    and i like my chucks so...
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