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Stereotypes (audience participation)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Stereotypes (audience participation)

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mucha mosaic
So. Someone I know posted in his blog recently about really being into Bewitched.

You remember, Bewitched. With Endora, Samantha's fantastically weird mother? Samantha Stevens, the witch who married Darren? Darren's boss Mr. Tate? Samantha's 'naughty' cousin, Serena? And who could forget- Doctor Bombay?

Now, I was hugely into this show as a kid. I thought Elizabeth Montgomery was the best thing since sliced bread. This is all so totally stereotypically gay, I know... but it's true. I loved that campy piece of trash! (indeed, I have issues calling it trash)

SO... What stereotypes about YOU fit like that? What about you would be predictable based on something you were/are a huge fan of- and what was/is that something?

Something other people would read that you were/are into and go 'yeah. Totally what I'd expect of a ______ like him'?
  • Funny thing is, in real life Agnes Moorehead (Endora) and Dick Sargent (Darrin #2) were both gay. Poor Samantha, she had a gay mother AND a gay husband! ::giggle::

    As I mentioned in my own journal, I liked "I Dream Of Jeannie" a lot too. Particularly her bottle. I thought her taste in decorating it was divine. The jeweled walls, the purple sofa, and all those pillows! I even took it as far as decorating one side of my bedroom with that theme when I was a kid. Hehe.

  • Vampires

    I'm a goth with blood & fang fetishes. It doesn't get much more stereotypical than that.

    I've been into vampires since before I even knew what "goth" was. (My first memory of vampire fascination is during the time my dad was stationed in Germany. Since we moved back to the U.S. before I turned 10, I can safely say that I've been into vampires for at least 23 of my 33 years.) I used to be a bit embarrassed by it because so many goths wrinkle their nose at the "v" word, but now I don't care. if someone wants to dislike me based on that alone then they're probably not someone I want to be around anyway.

    (By the way, I adore Bewitched too. Did you ever seen Elizabeth Montgomery in the made-for-tv movie in which she played Lizzie Borden? She did an excellent job.)
  • I really am a bundle of walking stereotype in some ways, though not the one often mentioned on SWOFA -- the Ren Faire chick. I'm not quite the "neighborhood cat lady" -- the neighbors have twice as many.

    I am "the neighborhood witch", complete with crooked blinds from the cats playing with them, and a creepy, perpetually-sputtering light in front of the house. Admittedly, the only thing I love about this is that the neighborhood kids don't dare mess with the house on mischief night, or any similar times popularly devoted to chaos and property damage.

    I'm an art chick, and I adore cloves and chartreuse. I take photos of pointless details of the world around me almost religiously when I have film -- and love it.

    I'm the Ren Faire chick. Chubby, sometimes-corseted, dyed red hair, bisexual neopagan. And I was all of these things before I ever set foot on the fairegrounds. I started with the dye at 12 or 13. I've had the same stylist all the while. The only way my natural hair color will be revealed to the universe is if I let the roots grow out for too long.

  • In high school and junior high, I was the nerdy awkward kid with the glasses and acne and straight A's, and therefore I watched a lot of Star Trek (old school, natch) and Dr. Who. I still like some SF but I don't go to cons and I'm not really in tune with what's going on in the genre/subculture.

    My musical tastes have widened considerably, but I still listen to my classic 70s prog rock too. 8^)

    I got into comics in high school, too. I still read a few alternatives but I'm not a superhero fan.
  • Gamer geek girl who wants to be a Jedi and can still reliably discuss GURPS vs. the Storyteller (White Wolf) systems. Oh, and I'm Jewish and fascinated by food, which is odder because I'm a seriously picky eater.
  • From the time I was a very young child, I worshipped The Addams Family. I worshipped Morticia. I lusted after her before I was old enough to acknowledge that what I was feeling was lust. I thought the Munsters were okay, but they didn't hold a candle to the Addams Family; they were just a rip-off (though Grandpa was cool).

    Oh. And I loved really depressing songs. Okay, they were cheesy 70s depressing songs, but man, I loved 'Dust In The Wind' and stuff like that. Anything that was about people dying was pretty cool, when I was a kid.

    Go go proto-goth.

    • The ironic thing, is that the Addams family came out after the Munsters were already on the air.
    • Indeed!

      It does bear note that the Addams Family cartoons in the New Yorker predate both shows- so who really inspired whom?
      • Re: Indeed!

        My guess is that with the success of the Munsters, they decided to cash in on it to.
        IMO though, the Addams family is far better
    • Oh, yeah. I know, now, that it did. But when I was a kid I thought the Munsters was just a rip-off of the far superior Addams Family.

  • Two words:

    Battlestar Galactica.

    'nuff said.
  • First off, I'm very relieved no one has confessed to a Knight Rider or a CHiPs fetish. ;D

    Personally, I've always wanted desperately to be adopted by the Addams Family. And when Angelica and Raoul brought the characters to the big screen.... ooooh! Twisted, and yet so sensual... the role-model for all my future romantic liaisons. *grin* The Munsters were a funhouse ride by comparison -- campy and cute. But the Addams family was the stuff of major psychic cultural reconstruction...

    And speaking of fantasies, how about Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman? Or Eartha Kitt's Catwoman?
    Diana Rigg as Emma Peel?

    I never knew Moorehead and Sargent were gay. That's just too cool. And yes, Montgomery was sublime. *sigh*

    Which makes me hang my head in shame over the following news: there's a (horror of all horrors) "Bewitched" remake in progress. Alas, yes.

    Ferrell 'Bewitched' Into Marriage
    Tuesday, October 14
    LOS ANGELES - Want to see Will Ferrell exasperated by someone else's antics for a change?

    The actor has signed on to portray beleaguered husband Darrin Stevens in the feature remake of "Bewitched," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    In the film, Nicole Kidman is expected to portray Samantha, a witch who falls in love with ordinary mortal Darrin. She turns her back on her heritage and attempts to become a suburban housewife sans magic -
    with hilarious results.

    The project is based on the '60s-era TV series of the same name, which starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha and two actors, Dick York and Dick Sargent, successively as Darrin.

    Ferrell, who grew up during the sitcom's run, won the coveted part that rubber-faced comedian Jim Carrey was rumored to be considering.

    Nora Ephron ("You've Got Mail") will direct the Columbia Pictures project, which will begin production in next year.

  • How could you out Darrin #2 and Endora and not mention the outest of them all? Paul Lynde, Mister Center Square, played a cousin of Samantha's on the show as well.

    As far as sticking to stereotypes...I'm so far away from the typical. If you've ever read Something Positive, I'm a lot like Kim the goth. But heavier, non-pagan, and without the self-control issues. Just ask FourthWall.

    So, those that know me are not surprised that I like to buy vampire-themed novels, play WoD online, and am into industrial/metal/goth music.

    More on the stereotype tip? I love gospel music. I don't go to church, unless my mom drags me there. I'm not religious. But I am one gospel lovin black chick. Go figure.

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