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Stereotypes (audience participation)

So. Someone I know posted in his blog recently about really being into Bewitched.

You remember, Bewitched. With Endora, Samantha's fantastically weird mother? Samantha Stevens, the witch who married Darren? Darren's boss Mr. Tate? Samantha's 'naughty' cousin, Serena? And who could forget- Doctor Bombay?

Now, I was hugely into this show as a kid. I thought Elizabeth Montgomery was the best thing since sliced bread. This is all so totally stereotypically gay, I know... but it's true. I loved that campy piece of trash! (indeed, I have issues calling it trash)

SO... What stereotypes about YOU fit like that? What about you would be predictable based on something you were/are a huge fan of- and what was/is that something?

Something other people would read that you were/are into and go 'yeah. Totally what I'd expect of a ______ like him'?

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