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Random question

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Random question

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mucha mosaic
La Rosa on Haight (next door to Cold Steel) seemed to have been supplanted by Daljeets ( which moved across the street when they levelled the building they were in), the last I was in the Upper Haight.

IS there a used formalwear shop around San Francisco anymore, or am I gonna have to pay full-price for a tux which I'll almost never wear?

And does anyone know of a good place to acquire a used spade (ideally a sexton's spade, with the nice solid horizontal handle across the top)?
  • what? La Rosa is gone? damn, I don't frequent the Haight often enough anymore.... partly because everytime I do, some place I used to like has disappeared...

    p.s.- glad you liked Bubba Ho-Tep! I saw it Saturday night and loved it. I wanted more beetles, though. that little old lady was a high point for me.
  • la rosa was still there, along with daljeets' south-side location, last i looked...on the other side of the red vic from daljeets, though, unless i'm all turned around...
  • Do you need an entire tux, or just the jacket?

    Aardvark's (also on Haight) often has jackets, and possibly pants; I was only looking for jackets at the time. There;s another semi-vintage-thrift shop, fairly large, right next to Buffalo Exchange, and they have women's formalwear, at least.

    Must the spade be used? I think there's a sort of garden spade with the wide top handle and a pointy blade, and a garden shop or hardware store might have such a thing.
  • Someone we both know has recently had considerable success buying used suits (and a tux) at a place called Savers in redwood city. He highly recomends, although I don't think the place limits itself to used formalwear, he described it as: "more suits in my size than any goodwill has ever had en total".
  • also, maybe you could ask the folks at cole hardware on cole (since you'd be in the 'hood) if you could purchaseone of their rental spades. they'd be used, all right. make it clear you're not just trying to get a deal by buying the "floor model" but that you want one that looks used.

  • Just keep walking down Haight Street and hit Held Over or Aaardvark's. In fact, Aaardvark's has a whole back room devoted to secondhand men's formal wear.
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