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Bubba HoTep- REALLY-the-last-Post

I lied, THIS is the last post.

So the movie. Just. Fucking. Rocked.

#1: shot inexpensively. Shot brilliantly but very, very inexpensively.
#2: Special effects were inexpensive.
#3: NOTHING looked 'cheap' about it- it looked low-budget but sweet.
#4: Bruce Campbell is a far better actor than I ever gave him credit for.
#5: the sheer weight of suspended disbelief should've crushed this fucker like a bug- but it didn't.
#6: You need to see this movie if you like campy horror.
#7: Would make a great doublefeature with Six String Samurai, as cr0wgrrl's spouse observed.
#8: Thank yuh verrah much.

It's smart as a whip and it's hysterically funny. It's tighter than a tourniquet.

And there are still theatres in which it is scheduled to play. @ the Castro until Thursday, too.

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