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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

10 years?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

10 years?

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well 11.

Back in '92, I was trying to get my head back together after becoming single the hard way. No, not getting dumped, I mean the HARD way.
This stupid book came out, and I picked it up because the title sort of hit on how I felt.
It was a good book. I loved it, but god it was cheese. UTTER cheese. Gothy cheesy tacky.
How disappointing is it that I probably owe a large portion of my sanity to that book? However bad I thought the world was, however terrible and so on... it was likely to get better. That seemed like the underlying message of the book, to me.
I hadn't read it in years. A friend recently posted a wishlist in her journal which included a hardcover reprint of the book in question. 'Oooh', says I to myself, 'I should really think about picking that up'.
Another friend who's a horror author mentioned that the author's basically being kept alive by the smallpress reprint stuff she's been doing. So I thought for a while.
I've owned half of this author's work in paperback twice. I've never bought a single copy new, which means that I never paid a penny in royalties to her. And they had a terribly godawful cheesy ultra-limited very-spechul edition of the book. Signed. With a new chapter, and a CD of the author reading some of it aloud, and a chapbook which includes a short story that never turned into a sequel, and.

So, yeah, I bought the fucking cheesiest, gothiest, most self-indulgent thing ever. A limited-edition copy of Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls, a book I'm still impressed to heck by, even if the author wishes to fucking god the damn thing would stop overshadowing the rest of her work.

At some point I'm going to curl up in bed and re-read it in the dark by candlelight and allow myself the privilege of being very sniffly, probably while getting vomitously drunk. Because when I first read this book I was so very, very alone- and so bereft- and so much of a drunk- and so very much wished I had a friend like Ghost.
  • Yay! I'm glad you got the book, though I wish it had better associations for you.

    Poppy's new book LIQUOR is due to be released next spring as a very affordable trade paperback. I have most of her Subterranean Press books, but it will be nice to be able to buy something of hers without having to save up for it.
    • It's not a negative association really- it's simply a bunch of stuff I plowed under years ago, and now I'm coming back to the field that I've left fallow for all this time- and trying to get a handle on the stuff I left to grow without a gardener, so to speak.
      See what the garden's grown.

      I don't know what it says of me that I view this book is a long argument summed up as 'life gets better; hang on'.
    • Oh, if someone gets you the 'Lost Souls', I have a slipcover for it that I thought would be useful for some reason.
      The book is nicely bound, and smells good.
  • (no subject) -
    • Grab me at the Halloween party this coming weekend, so you can have one on me.
      • (no subject) -
        • Don't bother bringing it back:

          You can buy Chartreuse- GOOD chartreuse- @ the liquor store in the Cannery.
          REALLY good Chartreuse.
  • I know this comment is completly irrelevent, but my god your baby user picture is adorable. I almost exploded when i saw it.
    • uhh bat. i don't know where the word bat disappeared, but it did someplace...
      • I don't have the newsstory link handy, but:
        she's a baby vampire bat, no less: born in captivity, even. Her parents were among 10 vampire bats who were removed from their native Haiti to Arizona, where they are going to be a captive colony (along with a few dozen more): the idea being that they want to be sure and preserve these rare beasties for the future in case there's something insanely handy about them, biologically. Other than the anticoagulants we're learning to make that are based on vampire bat saliva.
        And yes, she IS ridiculously cute. ;)
  • We've talked about this before (and strangely enough, you and I talked about this at length the night before you keeled over on us...so NO KEELING OVER THIS TIME, I just want that said). You and I have this in common. Becomming single the hard way. The really hard way.

    You hadn't mentioned a love for Lost Souls. The book of hers I always really liked was Drawing Blood, me...but then, I like ghost stories better than vampire stories.

    Enjoy the book. Get nice and drunk, listen to Kate. Sometimes it feels good to just sink down in it all and remember. Sometimes it's necessary. But the rest of us are still here when you come out of it.

    And no keeling over this time.

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