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Zen, muds, and comedy.

So I screw around on this board where people whine or talk about muds they play on. On this board, someone wrote that they didn't want a game that was dying to be determined to be dead.
His direct comment was:
maybe my profoundly buddhist beliefs prevent me from accepting any kind of 'the end'

I threw at this one the comment 'If your profoundly Buddhist beliefs are preventing you from accepting the end of a series of events, I would suggest that you may want to study further', and thought I was done with it. Mentioned it to other friends, though, and we started to contemplate Zen MUSHing.

[Bad username: colubra> says ] . o O ( all MUSH is transitory )
colubra says "and I'm not even Buddhist, per se."
torquemada . o O ( the MUSH of no MUSH is the true MUSH )
cygnoir "My profoundly 'Stedist beliefs prevent me from kicking you in
the shins after torquemada has beaten the crap out of you."
colubra . o O ( What is the sound of one MUSH collapsing? )
torquemada says, 'That's easy, it's fifty people, half of whom desperately need showers, shrieking in fearful agony.'

So now I'm giggling madly- and considering OTHER applications of Zen Koan to stupid MUSH bullshit. Your opinions welcome.

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