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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Through the good auspices of le_merle...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Through the good auspices of le_merle...

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mucha mosaic
...I'd like to 'inspect' your 'property', if I might...

I think her parents resented having offspring.
  • LMAO
  • slightly abridged

    Carinah says "I suppose that's her husband's last name? No parent could be so cruel to name a child that."
    tyee [to Carinah]: "I thought of that, but then why not keep your maiden name?"
    Carinah [to tyee]: "Well, if it were Lover."
    Carinah thinks she should have hyphenated to Gaye Males-Lover.
    Carinah says "Need a new home? Consult Gaye Males!"
    tyee says "someone else said maybe her maiden name was Gaye Sechs"
    Torquemada says, 'I bought MY home from Gaye Males!'
    Torquemada says, 'Gaye Males knew how to handle MY needs!'
    Carinah says "Gaye Males completely satisfied THIS customer!"
    Torquemada says, 'The happiest day of my life was when my home was approved by Gaye Males!'
    Carinah says "I was afraid it would be hard and long, but it was EASY with Gaye Males!"
    Torquemada says, 'Gaye Males REALLY knew how to pack 'em in! In NO TIME AT ALL I was filled out, priced, and sold!'
    Torquemada says, 'Other real estate agents kept me tied up, but Gaye Males got behind me all the way!'
  • *cue 'Gonna Make You Sweat'*
  • :stares:

    I... have no words.
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