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Weird dream fragment

The artist who did the covers for the trade paperback edition of the first 5 Dune books that appeared before 'Chapterhouse: Dune': this artist:

not this one:

So now that you know which artist I am talking about.
I dreamed that I was watching a strange late-70s-ish compilation of short films, and one of the pieces in it was done by that artist. it was this... thready seeming sort of imagery, like they'd deliberately incorporated artifacts of ageing into it. It also seemed as if the colored pieces of the animation were all made out of a homespun muslin sort of fabric- broadweave. No, that's a terrible explanation.
It seemed as if the cartoon, instead of being a cartoon, was a tapestry that someone had put together. As if they had used an image of a large expanse of cloth and cut out shapes into each frame of the animation, so as to give the artwork a somewhat more... tapestry-ish feel. That makes more sense.
So in the dream there was an animated man, and there was an animated woman, and they were both in this very large city, looking for each other, and I couldn't quite get into it--
and then the housemate was at the bedroom door knocking and asking if I planned to get up since we needed to get going to work in 10 minutes.
Oh uh! uhm! Yeah!

I know there were other dreams that I dreamed last night, too- I remember noticing that as part of the 'compilation of short films'- but I can't recall any of them concretely, they are lost to the toothbrush and the bathroom mirror.

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