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Curious observation on Lord of the Rings.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Curious observation on Lord of the Rings.

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mucha mosaic
It just struck me that Tolkien's storyworld, while epic in scope, is almost anti-epic in construction. There's no long-foretold son of kings who is the main character (he's secondary); there's no time when things were better that predates the present-day of the story, most tellingly to me. Things SUCKED before the War of the Ring! For thousands of years! The book ends with things that were valued vanishing from the earth, sure- but the earth is better off without them.
You know, I have just a touch more respect for Tolkien, recognizing that.
Is this an aspect of the finnish tales he borrowed from, does someone more mythically versed than I know?
  • I think your observation is one of the beauties of LoTR. It is a departure from the traditional epic construction.

    I'm really eager to read Quicksilver to see what Neal has done with this new work. I promised myself that I would finish Green Mars first (75 pages to go). I think I'm staying in and reading tonight.
  • Alternatively he was a cumrudgeony old pessamistic british bastard with a sardonic sense of irony developed from surving the war ;)
    • Yeah, but wouldn't that curmudgeonly pessimism, if it were setting the pace, make it only more likely that in the end, things would not be as good as they were once?
  • IMHO, not really. In Finnish stories, people (and things) were just kinda fucked up in general, people with superhuman powers but the foibles of humans, as this summary of the Kalevala clearly illustrates.
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