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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Insight into my terribly broken mind.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Insight into my terribly broken mind.

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mucha mosaic
This just happened to someone who doesn't LJ and me. He mis-typed 'filled with', and it came out 'fille diwth'.

And I spent 2 minutes sitting there going 'where in Wales is Fill Dewth? Is there a bottling plant there? Where is it located in relationship to Mount Snowden?' before I realized that, no, it was a TYPO, and that the word was probably spelled differently.

Edited above because ahkond pointed out that I really ought (thanks!).
  • You mean: "to someone who doesn't LJ and me"

    Why is this error suddenly universal?
    • Would it be 'this happened to he and me' then?
      I was taught that one should always use I rather than 'me' in such constructions, myself.
      • This happened to me.

        This happened to him.


        This happened to him and me. This happened to (some person who doesn't use LJ) and me. This happened to him and (the author).

        Consistency! Same cases.
  • --Aaah, I found the answer to when 'the king and I' would be a proper construction, browsing the web.

    The king and I are going to Mario's. If you were to go to Mario's as well, you can expect to see the king and me there.

    Thank you!
  • It's titled "the King and I" because it's standard to use the nominative case in titles; there's no implicit "the play about ..." or "what happened to ..." in there.

    She could say "this play is 'The King and I'; it's about the king and me." Perfectly fine.

    Otherwise H. Rider Haggard's She would just be Her, and that would be rather less majestic.

    On the other hand, some authors make the other choice, as in Robert Lawson's Ben and Me or Genesis's "Me and Virgil", but this -- one hopes -- is a conscious attempt to mimic imprecise/informal speech for some reason (approachability, characterization, etc.).

    I'm well aware that most people say "this happened to so-and-so and I" nowadays, and I'll end up alone with my pickiness, sounding strange like those people who say "it is I" when asked "who's there?" or who cringe when someone says "send me an e-mail".
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