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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Thank you very much, folks!

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Thank you very much, folks!

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I've been trying to thankyou in folks' journals, but I thought I should throw out a blanket thank you in case I miss someone.
Thank you for your congrats on my birthday. Today, I have something in common with Frodo Baggins.
And Nick Cave, Joan Jett, Samuel Faraday, John Housman, and the first woman to support herself by writing fiction in english, Aphra Behn (who was born 300 years before me).

God damn I'm a huge geek.
  • Happy Birthday! (Since I missed sayig it earlier)
  • ...and my roomie, amusingly enough. Today's his birthday as well. *grin* Have a good one!
  • Happy birthday from DC.
    Wish I had something witty to say, but still far too sleepy...
  • So is this a backhanded way to make those of us who haven't given you a reason to thank you wish you a happy birthday? Because it's not going to work.
    • No, not in the least!

      It's a backhanded way to let people know they should offer such sentiments if they want to, and give them a convenient forum to do so.
  • Colubrazilla!!!

    May the candles on your cake burn like cities in your wake...

    mmmmm... caaaaaaaake.....
  • happy birthday!!
  • mmmmmmm, Joan Jett

  • Happy birthday!!!!
  • Goodness, I forgot. Ever since I lost my Palm, people have no birthdays, and never age.

    Should we set fire to your dessert at lunch today, or politely ignore the occasion?
  • Have a hoppy hoppy birthday! Being hoppy in this heat is hard so if you want to you can just yell FROG,FROGFROGFROG!
  • Happy bidet!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • Wahoo! Happy Birthday!

    Yes, but "Of course, you're a geek. We're all geeks here," quoth the Cat.

    Remember Frodo AND Bilbo share the SAME birthday... ;) And Aphra Behn is just too cool for words. I absolutely adore her.

    Happy Birthday, Columbra! (If I had your email, I'd send you an obnoxious and amusing e-card. Consider the sentiment intact and laugh uproariously at something trivial today. Also, consider yourself lucky that I'm not one of your locals... I'm fond of throwing elaborate surprise parties...)

    May you be blessed with a year of joy, laughter, prosperity and a vital, thriving, loving community that's always there when you need them. :D.

  • Happy Birthday!
  • As you've said before...

  • belated happy birthday!
  • Happy belated birthday from me as well.
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