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Rambling about new Bowie album

Oh well, another somewhat disappointing album. This album does have a couple real gems on it ('Never Get Old', 'New Killer Star'), as well as one track that's probably my favorite of his in 8 years ('Bring Me The Disco King')... if not longer.

I start to suspect that Bowie's lost what he was writing about- his feelings of alienation and separateness from other people- and is still figuring out how to write about being a happily married man with adorable kids, living where he first wanted to live 40 years ago, being well-off (nay, filthy rich) & so on. Perhaps once he gets a handle on a new sort of alienation from which to write- 'I'm too rich for this place', or 'I'm too fucking special, goddamnit; I want to be like everybody else!'- he might start pulling it together.
The 'Buddha of Suburbia' score is the kind of thing I'm looking at and seeing as an important direction he still needs to investigate further- he has opinions, he has feelings and thoughts, there. He's looking at a little microcosm of a world that he hasn't lived in in 30 years, and that's changed HUGEly in that time. That nostalgia for what was is what fuels that album- and that strength of emotion is what's mainly missing from most of Reality. It's not missing from 'Bring Me The Disco King', though- and I think that's part of what makes it such a damn strong song.
I like the album, of course- but it's not The Best Bowie Album Of The Last 10 Years.
In an interview recently, David said that what comes next is going back to the 30 hours of tape from the sessions that begat 1. Outside (the best damn Bowie album of the last 10 years). Someone best be holding him to that, damnit.

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