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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
Burn in hell the lot of you!
(okay, I'm really just showing off the new icon)
  • Arrr, Stewie be a sharp little bilge rat!

    "Shake me, mother! Shake me like a British nanny!"

    Good form, me hearty!
    • Aye fear tha the wee bairn is going t'grow up t'be the sort uf lad what tries to be a cabin boy, though, if ye be followin' the set of me jib.
  • best. icon. ever. i <3 stewie. if i could remember my thoughts when i was his age, i'm sure they'd be remarkably similar:
    "Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I'm expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside."
    • It is very pleasing to own the full run of Family Guy on DVD.
    • I now drool jealously because I didn't think of that icon myself.

      Maybe I need to screen cap the dog from Family Guy in revenge.
      • It struck my mind I had no angry icon anymore. This seemed a hideous oversight.
    • i can only imagine. i was drooling over it at streetlight a couple of weeks ago, but it was fifty bucks. argh. argh. my concession to pirate-speak day.
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